TS4- Alien Adoption Ch 7: No Good, Very Bad Day

Chapter 7

Brian sat at the computer reading the forums that he’d found for adoptive parents of alien children getting more and more upset.

“Suits?  What are these suits?” he wondered.

“Does Rocket have trouble breathing?  Would he tell me if he did?  There’s the suits again!” he thought to himself.

“Telepathy.  Now, that would be cool.  But Rocket hasn’t done that.”

He looked up from his computer at his son with more questions than answers.  He’d tried calling the so-called agency several times over the years and never got a response.  Why was it that some children were getting health checkups and special suits and they wouldn’t even discuss basic things with Brian?

Rocket’s no good day actually started the night before when he was awoken sure he’d heard a monster.

He was so afraid he could barely walk out to find his dad to tell him.

Brian sprayed some water under the bed and that seemed to calm Rocket down a little.  His sudden night fright had him worried though.

After a bedtime story Rocket seemed happy to go back to sleep.

In the morning Brian tried to get him to talk about his dream… because it must have been a dream that spurred this “monster” nonsense.

After Rocket left for school (unhappy because of Brian’s poking at his dream) Brian’s computer broke.

Brian may be a genius but he doesn’t know circuits.  He did his best to repair the computer himself.  His Rocket children’s books were selling but not fast enough to keep up with bills and expenses.

Rocket came home from school in a worse mood than when he left.  He walked in the door and when Brian asked him to do his homework he slammed it onto the floor shouting nonsense.

Brian thought maybe doing homework straight after school might be too much and Rocket might need to decompress some.  To help with both of their frayed nerves he suggests a movie.

Things seem to be better.  Rocket cuddles up to Brian and smiles while they watch the end of the movie.

But as soon as the movie is over and Brian brings up homework again Rocket’s attitude is back ten-fold.

Brian watches his son warily.  What is bringing this on?  Rocket has always been quite happy.

For awhile after he’s finished his homework Rocket just sits glaring at everything and mumbling to himself.

Finally, with Brian’s urging, he starts playing with his new favorite toy.  “Bizoopagototogo-sipaxni-sitakni stallada,” he whispers to his toy.

After cleaning up the dishes Rocket continues playing with his toy and Brian feels reluctant to remind him that it’s bedtime now that he seems to have calmed down.

After a short story, Brian tucks his boy in praying that he doesn’t have any nightmares this night.

Instead of heading to bed after Rocket, Brian sits thinking about everything he’s learned in the forums.  He worries about the nightmare that had such a terrible effect on his son.  Suddenly, he feels so alone.

Chapter 8

Chapter notes:

Do you have any idea how difficult it was for me to not click on Rocket’s character panel and see what was making him in such a terrible mood?  Ohmygosh!  Thanks to my fellow collaborators for the forum posts that were used in this chapter.

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