TS4- Alien Adoption Ch 9: Singing

Chapter 9

“Daddy, where’s the far star?” Rocket asked.

“I don’t know Rocket but somewhere up there in the stars is our family.  My daddy, your grandpa, he went to live in the stars with my brothers and sisters,” Brian replied.

“Do you think I have brothers and sisters from the stars too?” Rocket asked eagerly.

“I wouldn’t doubt it son.  And even if you don’t, you have uncles and aunts that are!” Brian said, trying to act cheerful, then he asked his own question, “What were you singing Rocket?”

“A grilled cheese song!” Rocket grinned.

Rocket’s Grilled Cheese Song:

Hey diddle diddle

There’s cheese in the middle

Gooey and good

Yummy and fun


What if the moon were made of cheese?

Would the man on the moon sneeze?


Bonus extras…

Gross Rocket!  I just had to take a picture!

Chapter 10

Chapter notes:

Once again, I want to thank my fellow collaborators AllySim Builds and CathyTea… If you don’t know who Emmanuel is you can read all about him and his caregiver Elliot here: Alienated.  If you don’t already know who is singing (and hearing Rocket sing) you can read about Septemus and his caregiver Sebastian here: Septemus My Son.  I’m really excited about where things are going with our stories!

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