TS4- Alien Adoption Ch 10: Questions

Chapter 10

“Sweet dreams Rocket man.”

Brian had just gotten to sleep after staying up most of the night writing when he was startled awake by noise in Rocket’s room.

“It’s still early morning squirt, what are you doing up?”

“Trying to find a book on the far star!”

“Maybe this weekend we’ll go to the library and look.  The books here won’t have anything about it I’m sure.  Now, back to bed.”

After Rocket left for school Brian decided to finish proofreading his latest Rocket book before mailing it off to the publisher.  But before he started he decided to check out the Bizoopagoto forums.  There hadn’t been much activity lately but he was in a habit of checking anyway.  What he saw made him furious.

First, there was a post from what appeared to be a child posting on his father’s account…

He found his assumption was correct when the next post was from the father.

Shaking, Brian formed a reply.

Agitated, he got up from the computer to pace.  He kept glancing out of the windows thinking any of these sims could have been watching Rocket.  He wouldn’t lose his son.  He’d lost too much in his life but if something happened to Rocket he wouldn’t be able to survive a loss like that.  He’d lost his father and alien siblings (even if he didn’t know at the time they were aliens) then his much younger sister had run away only days later.  Soon after that, his mother passed away.  Before Rocket his life was one loss after another.

He finally forced himself to concentrate and finish up the proofreading.  As he put the book in the mailbox he decided to go walk Rocket home from school today… maybe every day.

Rocket was a little late leaving school because he hid in the bathroom to read Manny’s note.  He was surprised but happy to see his daddy waiting outside for him.

Brian sat Rocket down outside of the school and asked him if anyone other than teachers and students had tried talking to him? Rocket said no.  He didn’t tell him about Manny because Manny IS a student… and secret.  Relieved by Rocket’s answer Brian suggested ice cream on the way home.

But is it really true that nobody is watching them?

When they got home Rocket asked if they could get a pool.

Brian told him there isn’t any room in the backyard for a pool.

Rocket dragged Brian outside and thoughtfully pointed out that their backyard was quite big!

They sat down on the bench behind the house that Rocket had been spending his evenings sitting on and Brian explained that this whole area here is shared land.  They are just the only ones in these houses that use it.

Rocket sat playing with his favorite toy long after his daddy went inside.  He listened to a new song he hadn’t heard before and tried to sing back something happy.

Then he got a great idea!

He ran inside and asked his daddy “Could we move to a new house with a bigger yard to fit a pool?”

But Brian replied, “We’ve already moved once and one move is enough.”

Both of them were feeling exasperated for different reasons by this point and they were both relieved to have a little alone time when Rocket retreated to his room to write a note back to Manny.

During recess, he snuck into Manny’s classroom to leave the note in his cubby.  He started to wonder which kid is Manny that is outside on the playground right now?  Or maybe his class is having lunch now.

Brian was waiting for Rocket to get out of school again today.  He figured it would save his sanity to keep a bit of a closer eye on him for awhile.  When Rocket once again asked for something though, he was relieved to be able to tell him yes for once!

On the way home from the school they stopped in a game store and grabbed a used console. Many hours of fun were had by them both!

Before Rocket headed to bed, Brian gave him a kiss and a pinch on the cheek.  Rocket giggled and thanked him for the game so they could play lots of Party Frenzy!  Brian wasn’t sure where all of these requests were coming from but for the most part Rocket always seems happy so he decided not to give it too much thought for now.


When I had Brian “teach a valuable lesson” he talked about cowplants!

Chapter 11

Chapter notes:

It took me forever to title this chapter.  I figured “Questions” worked well on both fronts.  Brian’s questions about what is going on and Rocket’s constant questions.  Once again, I want to thank my fellow collaborators AllySim Builds and CathyTea… If you don’t know who Emmanuel aka Manny is you can read all about him and his caregiver Elliot here: Alienated.  If you don’t already know who is writing on the forum you can read about Septemus and his caregiver Sebastian here: Septemus My Son.  In CathyTea’s story The Goth’s and Landraabs are involved so I thought it would be cool to add in a few pics when I noticed them hanging about.  The shot of Mortimer walking outside the window and Geoffrey near the school were just pure chance!  If you’re wondering who Rocket hears singing and sings back to… you’ll have to wait in suspense!  I’m not sure if I’ll get to it in the next chapter or not?  Depends on how things go in their story.

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