TS4- Alien Adoption Ch 11: Going Underground

Chapter 11

The morning after receiving Manny’s most recent note Rocket was really excited and decided to tell Brian all about his friend.

But Brian wasn’t happy at all.  He was already on edge after that message on the forums about someone wanting to use the kids for experiments.

He made Rocket show him all of Manny’s notes.  The first one, in particular, upset him.  This child, if it was really a child, had singled Rocket out because of his appearance.  If he understood correctly this child has one of these disguise suits he read about on the forum.

He tried to explain to Rocket that it’s not safe to pass notes to strangers that you don’t even know.  He asked him again if he’d seen anyone watching him or paying too much attention to him at school.  He told him he needed to try to be more careful who he talks to and what he says.

Shortly after Rocket left for school Brian had just sat down to work on his most recent book when he heard a knock on the door.  A woman dressed way too fancy for Oasis Springs waved and asked if she could come in.

When he lied and told her he was just about to leave she started asking about his child.  He told her he has no idea what she’s talking about and that he has no child.  He asked her to leave.

With his heart racing, Brian walked as quickly as he could away from the house trying not to appear like he was in a hurry.

As he turned the corner he called the real estate company that he’d bought the house from and told them they could have it back for half the price if they could transfer the money to his account right away.  Just as he’d thought, they couldn’t turn down such a deal.

Then he made his way to Newcrest city hall to get some answers.

He was given the runaround.  Something about his caseworker and study groups and that his group wasn’t approved… bla bla bla.

Not normally one to lose his temper Brian tried to stay calm but he just couldn’t.  He demanded one of these special suits and anything else they were holding back from Rocket.

Feeling horrible about how he’d acted and also worried that his reaction would set up red flags Brian rushed back to Oasis Springs to get Rocket.

He told the front office that Rocket was leaving school early and paced out front while he waited.

It was a day for high emotions.  Normally cheerful, Rocket complained about his problems when Brian told them they needed to leave.  They headed from the school to the bus station.

When they needed to switch trains in Willow Creek Brian gave Rocket the disguise suit and read him the instructions.  Then he headed into the bathroom to work on his own disguise.

Rocket thought he looks weird.  He wondered if this is what his best friend Manny looks like and if he feels weird too.

Rocket was freaked out when he saw Brian with the short bleached hair and Brian gave him a hug and promised him it would be okay.  Then they caught the train to Windenburg.

It was a long trip and Brian encouraged Rocket to think of it as an adventure.  When Rocket saw the ocean and felt the salt spray he forgot about Oasis Springs.

Brian assured Rocket that nobody would find them here on an island in the middle of nowhere.  Especially living underground.

The place was kind of a mess.  It hadn’t been used in years.

It had been a long couple of days and sleeping on the train isn’t very restful so it was no surprise that Rocket was exhausted.  Brian tucked his boy in and kissed him goodnight.

Then he proceeded to cover their tracks as best as he could.

Chapter 12

Chapter notes:

Ugh, I know I know!  How could I do this???  But think about it for a minute okay?  Brian’s alien siblings all had to leave the planet when they aged to young adult.  He’s been worried about Rocket having to leave as well since he adopted him.  He’s had a lot of loss in his life and he’s terrified of losing Rocket.  The message on the forums, Rocket’s secret friend and then Bella’s visit just threw Brian into a full-scale panic.  I have no idea who Brian got the bunker from, where he heard about it, any of that.  He’s such an introverted and secretive person I couldn’t say he had a friend that let him use it or whatever.  I might think of something in the future. The bunker is a modified version of Oasis Springs Bunker created by Nervnerv99.  It was set up as a one-room shelter for a single person so I had to change a bit.  I also brought some of their stuff from the old house to cut the cost down some.  The funny thing is that they have like $10,000 left-over!

Technically this whole chapter only took a few in-game hours. Especially since I realized when I first started writing this chapter that I’d forgotten to take several pics that I’d had planned out and by then I’d already changed Brian’s appearance and saved!  So I had to go into my saves folder and find an older save, pull out the newer one and use that old one.  So really some of it didn’t actually happen in the real save.  I’ve had that first screenshot of Rocket telling a secret for weeks now.  I took it thinking it might come in handy and it did!  I did cheat his emotion to sad for a few… I just couldn’t get him to do anything that would work and frankly I just wanted to get this done so I can move on with the story.  You’ve probably figured out that I added Bella and Geoffry to the household for a few pics. Geoffrey jogging by the school was totally a coincidence but I took advantage of it.

A few more things… food for thought.  Rocket signed his note with his last name.  Brian is a science geek, not a computer nerd so that leaves things open to the possibility to hear from Manny and his mom sometime in the future.  If you don’t know who Manny is you can read all about him and his mom Elliot here: Alienated.

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