TS4- Alien Adoption Ch 12: Nowhere to Hide

Chapter 12

Brian, feeling a bit guilty about uprooting Rocket like he did ordered some new toys for him to play with.

He’d brought along the gaming system they’d bought since Rocket seemed to enjoy it so much… and so did he.

After a few days of living on the island, it seems that some of the neighbors took notice that someone was there.  Maybe it was the large package of toys being delivered that tipped them off?  The man named Bjorn did not seem enthused.

The other neighbor made himself at home playing with Rocket’s new blocks.  And then, as quickly as they arrived they suddenly announced that they don’t feel welcome and left!  So odd.

Brian took his new task of homeschooling Rocket very seriously and started reading to him quite often.  They’ve always enjoyed this as far back as Rocket’s toddler years.

Of course, Rocket still had lots of school work.

When he told Brian he was finished and Brian told him to get back to work he confidently informed his father he already knows all of this stuff.

It didn’t take long for Brian to get annoyed by the dress shirts he’d been wearing as part of his “disguise” and when he ordered some new t-shirts to replace them he got Rocket some new clothes as well.  One morning Rocket asked if they could go swimming in the ocean.

He even did the dishes to prove how much he deserves to go.  Brian couldn’t resist this cute gesture and relented.

They made their way down to the little secluded beach nearby and Rocket was amazed by how big it was.  He really liked seeing the sailboats.

He told Brian that the air smelled so fresh here!

Brian suggested they go fishing and Rocket eagerly agreed.

Over and over he caught nothing.

Brian caught… something?

And then, just as he was thinking of giving up he caught a minnow!

This minnow now has a prized spot at the end of his bed so he can watch him swimming around while he’s going to sleep.  He was dubbed PeeWee the wee fishie.

After they’d given up on the fishing Brian built a bonfire.  Rocket exclaimed at the bright orange flames and how large they are!

Brian grinned and told Rocket he’d show him a bit of science and tossed a tube into the fire.

Rocket was impressed by the blue flames but the “science stuff” smelled funny.

They danced the night away.

Until Rocket finally realized that they’d never actually gone swimming in the ocean!  Brian promised him that he’d think about a pool since they couldn’t really swim in this ocean.

They finished off the night looking at the stars.  Rocket was surprised that the stars here look very much like the stars at home in Oasis Springs.  He wondered if his best friend Manny ever looked at the stars with his mommy too?  Maybe this very moment Manny was looking at the stars.  He tried not to think too much about Manny.  It made him sad.  He thought when he gets bigger he’ll find his friend.  But what if Manny doesn’t want to be his friend by then.  Manny will probably have another friend.  Feeling dejected he told his daddy he was tired and they headed back to the bunker and bed.

Brian had just tucked Rocket in and gotten into is own bed when he heard something strange, almost like a voice calling to him from far away and suddenly with everything in him he knew he needed to be outside.  He ran up the stairs and went to investigate.  When he got outside he saw a strange light and couldn’t resist getting a closer look.  It was almost like he was being drawn closer to it.

But when he got to where he’d seen the light a huge glow encircled him!  A feeling of utter peace infused him making him gasp as he stared up at the craft.

And he was beamed up into a spaceship.  He could barely contain his excitement and awe.  This was what he’d dreamed of his entire life.  Since he was a little kid and thought he saw a spaceship at his father’s house.  This was the reason for his attraction to science and the unknown.

Rocket, on the other hand, slept peacefully completely unaware watched over by the wee fish PeeWee.

After most of the night had passed by with Brian in the ship he was finally beamed back down to their lot.

He stood for a few moments basking in the glow of his discoveries.  He was eager to document everything he’d learned.  What would he tell Rocket?  Rocket!

With a sigh of relief, he found his son right where he’d left him.  He gave him a quick kiss and tucked him in then fell into a restless sleep himself as his mind processed and sorted the information he’d received.  If he wasn’t so exhausted he’d be writing it all out but his body wouldn’t let him get the chance.


Why does he always want to play with his toys right in front of the toilet?  At least it’s not filthy this time!  Also, this tiny bathroom is not made for screenshots.  Oopsie.

I forgot to take a pic of the after moodlet.  He was focused and really excited about the whole thing.

Chapter 13

Chapter notes:

I guess there really is nowhere they can hide from society or the aliens.  I suppose that Brian needed to invite the welcome wagon in or something to appease them instead of just chatting?  They lost relationship with both Bjorn and Jaques which isn’t very fair considering Jaques never spoke to either of them and Rocket was playing in his room the whole time!  Brian isn’t really homeschooling Rocket… I just thought he might be worried about sending him to school at first.  Plus, it’s the weekend.

If you don’t know who Rocket’s friend Manny is you can read all about him and his caregiver Elliot here: Alienated.  I borrowed the part about being pumped with information from when Sebastian was abducted in Chapter 37 of CathyTea’s story Septemus My Son. I’d planned to quickly play through the rest of Rocket’s childhood years in a few chapters but this whole abduction threw me for a loop!  I have some ideas… we’ll see where this goes.

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