TS4- The Curious Brothers Ch 13: Revelations

Previously known as Alien Adoption…

Chapter 13

It’s the morning after his meeting with the aliens… using the word abduction makes it sound like it wasn’t awesome.  As soon as they woke up Brian told Rocket what had happened.  Rocket was shocked!

And then he gave him the big exciting news.  It seems that while Brian was descended from the first Lazlo Curious Rocket was descended from Lazlo’s brother Pascal Curious!  Brian told Rocket this makes them sort of like brothers which Rocket likes even better than adopted dad.  It turns out that Brian was specifically chosen to adopt Rocket which was exciting news for them both!

When his stomach started to glow for the first time Brian thought to himself that this was going to take some getting used to!

After the big revelation things went back to normal.  Whatever their relationship, these two have a very strong bond and the name behind it doesn’t change that.

When Brian sits down at the computer later Rocket asks what he’s doing.  He tells him he’s buying some science equipment and Rocket asks him to order a few things for him while he’s at it.  Brian just laughs and complies.  The Rocket Boy book series sales have been doing quite well lately and as inspiration for the stories Rocket deserves part of the profits.

 Once their order is placed they play a little Party Frenzy. It has become one of their favorite games.

Then they have a little dance contest.  Rocket tries to mimic Brian’s moves.

Rocket makes… something out of clay.

They go upstairs so that Rocket can get some exercise on his new monkey bars.

Brian watches as his brother plays feeling pride in how far they’ve come.  From an introverted scientist who knew nothing about parenting trying to raise a tiny blue toddler to now having this bond with each other.  This understanding that no matter what happens they’ll have each other to lean on.  He’ll have to tell Rocket about the baby soon enough.  He just didn’t want to overload him with information all at once.

The next morning poor Brian barely made it to the bathroom.  He’s a little shocked to see his brother walking around in a bright orange bear suit!  What the?

When he joins Rocket for breakfast he asks what’s the deal with the suit?  To which Rocket simply replies that he’s a bear and tells Brian he can wear a bear suit too.  Brian thinks maybe he’s trying to get some attention.

Just then Brian’s abdomen begins to glow again.  It feels so weird Brian can’t help but gasp.

Rocket heads into his room and informs Skellybear that he’s soon going to be an uncle.  He wonders why his “brother” hasn’t told him yet?  Brother is going to take time to get used to.  But he thinks being an uncle is cooler than having a little brother or sister running around!  He wonders what Manny would think of him having a brother and not a daddy like he told him in his notes.  He hopes his friend is doing okay back in Oasis Springs.  He’s the only part of living there that Rocket misses.

While Rocket does his schoolwork Brian eagerly accounts his experiences in the spaceship:


Just in time for the baby!

So cute. He left for school so Brian couldn’t join him in the bear suit wearing.

This thought bubble popped up when Brian was sitting at the table and his belly glowed!  He knows!

Chapter 14 

Chapter notes:

After this chapter is published I’m going to change the story name to The Curious Brothers.  I can’t even put into words how excited I am about this!  I had to cut the chapter short because Brian entered the first trimester and I want to do a chapter for each.  If the case log is to hard to read you should be able to click it and increase the size since it’s technically something I made with Paint.  It looked really goofy in the same type font as the rest of the chapter.  I do realize I misused the word “hence” but at that point, I couldn’t edit the text in Paint.  I’ll need to find another program to use that allows me to edit the text.

If you don’t know who Rocket’s friend Manny is you can read all about him and his caregiver Elliot here: Alienated.

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