TS4- The Curious Brothers Ch 14: Confession

Alien Adoption Chapter 14

Brian woke in the middle of the night so hungry he had to get up and grab a sandwich.  He checked on Rocket and found him sleeping peacefully.  He smiled but then started to worry.  There was no way he could hide this belly any longer.  It’s not that he intended to hide it from Rocket so long, he just didn’t know how to explain something he didn’t understand himself.

Rocket was super excited to see Brian had changed into a bear costume too.  He didn’t realize that Brian decided to do it mostly to hide his growing baby bump.

Along with a bunch of other stuff they’d decided to order they got an art table.  Rocket thought it was a bit hard to hold a crayon with bear paws.  Brian told him his drawing looks great.

Then they made their way to the new lab to do some experiments.  As Brian worked, Rocket would sneak peeks at what he was doing and mimic them.

Another day they decided to wear different bear outfits.  Brian was getting a bit tired of this ruse and also felt so uncomfortable wearing this goofy costume but it seemed to make his brother happy and that’s all that really matters.

Bears like it outside apparently.

Brian reminded Rocket that bears also need exercise so they can be big and strong to stomp through the woods.  Rocket giggled at this but decided to play on the monkey bars anyway.  It was really hard to play on them with bear paws.

They stargazed for a little while but then Brian became tired and had to head to bed early.

After Brian went to bed Rocket changed out of the bear costume.  It’s really hard to write with bear paws.  He decided he wants to start writing to his best friend Manny again.  He knows Manny can’t really read the notes but he misses writing to him.

When Brian saw Rocket was already up and not dressed in the bear costume he decided he couldn’t use the costume to hide any longer.  He sat down and started to try to explain to Rocket about the baby.  Rocket looked at him like he didn’t know what he was talking about.  He cut him off, shrugged, and told him he already knew he was just waiting for him to tell him!

Brian was greatly releaved and asked Rocket how he knew already.  Was it because he was eating so much or something?  Rocket just giggled and said he always knew.

After washing his plate Rocket begged Brian to let him help name the baby.  Brian, of course, agreed.

Whatever Rocket was doing over there with that gas made him feel ill.  Brian ended up having to change his own clothes from the smell!

He wanted to test his body’s different levels to compare to regular levels.  He also got some samples from Rocket for comparison too.

It felt so good being able to experiment again!

He sat down a little to fast to the table he’d set up to make note of his findings and began to feel ill.  He decided he should make a note of that as well.

He pulled out the sheet that he’d been imputing the calculations on and added today’s findings.




I had no idea we could do this!  Makes it so much more fun now he can do more activities.

Chapter 15

Chapter notes:

Yes, I did have Brian join the science career for a few days so that he could use the lab table for screenshots.  He never actually went but it was helpful for the story and it’s the only way to interact with that table, unfortunately.  

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