TS4- The Curious Brothers Ch 16: Movie Marathon

Chapter 16

“This baby can’t come soon enough,” Brian mumbled.  He decided to do a few more tests to distract himself.

But it wasn’t easy.  He was so uncomfortable.

And then it happened again.

“Wait, what?  Was that supposed to happen?” Brian said to himself as a glowing orb exited and then re-entered his body.

He thought about documenting the strange occurrence but decided he’d rather nap.

He fell into an exhausted sleep.

When Rocket was done with his school work and saw that Brian was sleeping he decided he’d play outside on the monkey bars all by himself.  He’s big now.  Not too much longer before he’s a teen.

Woah!  Maybe it’d be better to do something inside for now.  He decided it was a good time to write to Manny.

Brian woke to a broken toilet.  He quickly fixed it, used it, grabbed something to eat, checked to make sure Rocket was okay, and then collapsed back into bed.

With the pregnancy wearing him down there would be no schoolwork or testing samples today.  It would be a movie marathon instead.

After watching four Star Wars movies Rocket excitedly told Brian he knows what they should name the baby if it’s a boy. Falcon after the Millenium Falcon spaceship because Brian got pregnant with the baby in a spaceship!  Brian is all for it and so they start thinking of a name if it’s a girl.  Rocket thinks Leia sounds like lay a egg.  Brian says Amidala sounds snobby.  Then they both say at the same time Padme!  Rocket thinks she was really pretty in the first movie when she was younger and not Aniken’s girlfriend.  So it is settled.

Time to watch the next movie!

Rocket gets a superhero toy out of the toybox.  He thinks maybe they should have used Obi or Han for names.  Naw.  The names are good. He wishes there was a Star Wars toy.

Remembering he can take off the disguise inside he does so and then starts working on the solar system project while Brian naps.

Soon he grows bored of that and decides to practice taking care of babies.  What if the baby needs medical care?

He gets online and starts reading about what medical care a baby might need.  He can’t find anything about baby aliens though.

Rocket feels Brian’s belly and gets a bit of a shock.

Brian exclaims over the orb that pops out of him again.  Rocket closes his eyes and smiles.  Everything is fine.  Better than fine!

Chapter 17 

Chapter notes:

There was no way that I could stop playing when Brian was this close to giving birth so I’ve already played out part of the next chapter. Sorry, you’ll have to wait!

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