TS4- The Curious Brothers Ch 17: Baby Time!

Chapter 17

When Brian woke early in the morning to use the restroom the light effects as he’d deemed them were even more stunning than usual.

Just then the pains began.  Rocket slumped out of his room complaining that his head hurt.

In a spectacular flash of light, the babies were born!

Rocket giggled and said he’d known there were two babies since yesterday when he’d felt Brian’s belly!  He was beyond thrilled to see that they were blue just like him!

He ran over to greet his new sister/niece Padme while Brian changed Falcon’s diaper.

Then he decided that now he’s the older brother/uncle he needs to help out around the house more.  He washed the dishes…

And took out the trash.

Then he ran back inside to tell Skellybear the big news!  “They’re blue!” he chirped with excitement.

He decided he’d better get more practice just in case.

Then Brian said that the twins were napping and they should unite their efforts to get the blocks done while they sleep.

Then, with the rocket completed they played space monster.  Rocket said when he gets bigger he wants to build a big rocket!  Just like him.  They had a big laugh over that one.

Brian was concerned that Rocket might be feeling left out with the babies here now but Rocket assured him that he’s older now and almost a teen he doesn’t need baby stuff anymore!  He’s the big brother/uncle after all.  To which Brian chuckled.

It didn’t take long for Brian’s sleepless night to catch up with him.  He told Rocket to wake him when he’s finished with dinner.

Then they went into the lab to do the newest round of tests… well, that’s what Brian was doing anyway.  Rocket was just mimicking his movements.

Then Brian made note of his findings before running to care for the babies… again.


This pic was right after the babies were born.  So cute!

Chapter notes:

I was so occupied with the babies birth that I completely forgot about Rocket’s illness when Brian had gone into labor.  He walked out of his room with his head throbbing like that.  I had them “go here together” to the nursery and then took the pic of them after the birth.  I’m sure Brian would have made note of it had he noticed. He was a little distracted at the time!  I’ve known all along that it was twins.  I actually had to edit some of the things I’d said in previous chapters that would have given it away.  When Brian was abducted I looked to see if he was pregnant because I knew if he was that it would change everything I’d had planned.  I’m very happy with how things are going right now so I’m glad he was.

Also, I wish I had known before I started this challenge how many things I could have Brian influence Rocket to do and also the things he’d do autonomously if he has access to the objects like playing with the bear.  His skills and character traits would be so much better than I expect that they are!

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