TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 4.6: Surprise and Suprise Again!

Chapter 4.6: Surprise and Surprise Again!

Just FYI: The date says January 19th but actually I’m writing this on the 31st.  I haven’t played this challenge since around the 20th so I may be a little confused as to why I took certain pics.

Life goes on as usual in the Bifrost house.  Alon fits in well, but that hat has to go!
Sienna ages up to a teen.
Tawny goes to a shop to buy clothes for Sienna and Alon and meets this teenage boy Derek.
Here’s Sienna and Alon all browned up.
The family goes camping.
Blaze meets a yeti and makes friends with him.
They go log rolling in the wee hours of the morning in the freezing cold.
On their last night there they share a fire.
Tawny invites Derek over and maybe it’s because her parents left her but she clings to him and spends all her spare time with him.
Alon ages to teen, I missed having a birthday party by a couple of minutes.
They have a family dinner instead and invite Derek.
Tawny has a mysterious illness.
She realizes she’s pregnant!  Surprise!
Derek moves in and twin boys are born Hunter and Kelly.  Surprise!
For some reason everyone crams into the “green” babies bedroom.
Blaze ages to elder.
Things are so crazy that they hire a butler.  Tawny and Derek age to adults on the same day.
Tawny asks Derek to marry her.
(I know this pic is awful!)
They get married that day.
Another wedding shot.
Of course she smashes the cake in his face!
Well that’s the end of the awesimsauce challenge for now.  I’m currently working on the apocalypse challenge.  Writing this post makes me want to play them again so I may just switch back and forth.  I already have generation brown/green all planned out!
Chapter 5.1: The House Gets a Little Emptier
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