TS3- SNAFU 147 Days to Zero Hour

Weeks 5-7

The morning after my huge gene splicing success I ran out and planted the seed right away.

I’m drawn to that giant machine.  Something about it calls to me and I found myself yet again making a ground mural near it.

When some of the geeks were done messing with it the temptation became too much.

A thrill came over me as I prepared to pull the lever.

I did it!  Sucess!  I, Ivan Masters, caused a meteor shower!

At least I think that’s what I did.  But there were more than just space rocks.  I started collecting everything and then realized I needed to be to my group class activity.  As soon as I was done with that I high-tailed it back to grab what was left.

Good thing dumpster diving is considered rebellious.  They don’t need to know I’m searching for a bug to experiment on now do they?

I also spied some plants and grabbed some tomatoes on my way to the gym.  I figured I might as well take a shower there before I work out.

I thought I’d try my hand at the weight machine.  I’d hoped it would be easier than the treadmill of death.  No such luck.  I hope the jocks didn’t see me.

After working out I headed back to the dorm for yet another shower.  I was just getting ready to do the brain skill thing before bed when I felt like something was calling to me outside!  I ran out and saw these cool looking lights.  I just stood there watching transfixed.

It was… something.  Indescribable.  That’s what it was.  I was picked up by the alien ship.  Apparently, my use of the white beam on the big science project actually drew their attention!  So crazy!  I can’t wait to tell Aeralyn about this!  I’ll admit.  I’m still pretty freaked out about it.  They did give me a little more insight into my experiments.

My dorm mates are slobs.  But, at least they cook.

They also break everything.  It’s all good though because I’m getting quite handy.

I decided to try a radiation experiment this time.  I felt bad for the little butterfly but this is important work.

It did not go well.

Not well at all.  I shrugged and decided to keep trying.

This time I thought I’d do a horticulture experiment on one of the tomatoes.  It didn’t go well either.  I decided to cut my losses for the time being.  I’m not going to do a very good job at this if I’m frustrated.

I went outside and watered the strange seed.

And after a short walk to clear my head I decided I need to try again and started to search for another insect for the radiation experiment.

I couldn’t believe it when it worked!  I managed to turn a moth into a plasma bug!

Next, I did another experiment on a cinnamon that didn’t go so well.  I guess things can’t always go my way.

The aliens called me back again that night.  This is getting freaky.  I suppose I should be more comfortable with it seeing as how my best friend is half alien but it’s still disconcerting.

In the morning I got my first report card.  I aced it!  Of course, I did.

I felt inspired to paint.  I was trying not to think about the fact that today I get to go home.  If only for a few hours.

I wanted to be around some of my classmates and headed over to my favorite spot by the big science project to work on a ground mural I’d started the day before.

I can’t resist the lure of dumpster diving!  I really want to find another insect.  The scientists at home requested three plasma bugs.  I need two more.

I even took the time to chat with the dormies for a bit.  The vampire dude is pretty cool I guess.  Mostly because he’s a vampire, though.  None of them are very rebellious so I don’t pay them much attention.  I don’t have a lot of time to waste here.

I was back at the experimenting while the clock counted down to time to go home.

With just minutes left I managed to succeed with another gene spicing experiment on a seed I’d found!

I ran out back and quickly planted it next to the first one before running to the transport home.

I walked inside and found Jazmine painting as per usual.  She was all smiles and announced that she’s engaged!

Mom gave me a big hug and laughed at the stories I told her about the university.  I was disappointed dad wasn’t home.

Mom insisted that I eat one of her special cookies before I leave again after taking the entrance exam.

Styx is an old man now.  I said goodbye for now and made my way back out to the van.  Being there again was surreal.  It’s like a different world.  Unlike the university, it feels like home.  I watch the students with their silliness and worry if there’s more I can do to warn them about what’s coming.


This was much less fun than him visiting his family.  Also, it’s snowy.  This stray cat stood vigil while he took his aptitude test.

Heck yea!

I have no idea why he keeps getting abducted!  I’ve sold all of the space rocks he’s found.  But it works beautifully for the story considering what he’s doing is clearing Alien Technology!

End of day 7 stats…
Lifetime reward points earned: 20,565
Cooking- 2
Street Art- 8
Gardening- 8
Science- 4
Handiness- 8
Logic- 7
Painting- 5
Writing- 7
Athletic- 2
Charisma- 1
Rebel Influence- Level 5
Cash- $19,559
2 Forbidden Fruit!
1 Plasma bug!

Bonus!  I took these the day before he’d left for university and have been holding on to them trying to figure out where to fit them in…

This popped up and of course, I had to investigate!


This one was right before Ivan left.  He’s a werewolf!  Go, Jazmine!

133 Days to Zero Hour

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