TS3- SNAFU 133 Days to Zero Hour

Weeks 7-9

And so, after a quick stop to check in on my family and re-take the aptitude test I found myself once again at university.  For whatever reason, it took hours for the other students to arrive at the dorm so I occupied myself with some experiments which I failed miserably at.  But like they say nothing ventured nothing gained right?

On my way to the meet and greet I stopped by the science building to correlate my scientific data.  Perhaps they could give me some idea of what I was doing wrong.  I also wanted to share some thoughts which they weren’t very interested in but gave me a few bucks for my trouble.

I won’t pretend that I’m the big man on campus or anything but I did get a bit of a thrill walking into the meet and greet this time.  I was no longer a wet behind the ears Freshman.  Look at me people, I’m a Softmore hear me roar!

And while we’re talking about roaring… met one of the elite rebels, Connie Cronk, there.  I thought maybe since rebels are so fond of the megaphone she’d appreciate a loud greeting.  Apparently not.

I distracted her with a confusing inkblot test and attempted to impress her with my rebelliousness but she seemed to lose interest in me and wandered away.

There’s something about vampires that I find super interesting so when I spied one after Connie had made her retreat I cornered him to chat.  His name’s Troy Francis and unfortunately, this guy has no sense of humor.  Not my kind at all.  Both of my parents had a good sense of humor and I was raised with lots of jokes.  It’s a shame not to share them with the world!

I got back to the dorm and a few stragglers had shown up but nobody had bothered cooking yet so I made a nice green salad to welcome them back.  I noticed later that they’d sat down and eaten it together as a midnight snack.  I felt a little left out but I still haven’t met any roomies that I like much yet.

Ann is okay.  She plays the guitar really well and is super into music.  She’s also a little rebellious.

But, if anything the roomies probably think I’m the weirdo.  Locked in my room most of the day doing experiments.  Another destroyed tomato.

I heard a rumor that the cheerleader jock girl Ashley was abducted by aliens!  Better her than me.  I’ve had quite my fill of it if you know what I mean.

In the morning I made my way out to tend the forbidden fruit plants.  Looking good.  I wonder what it is that these plants do anyway?

I keep killing all of the insects that I radiate.  I created one plasma bug successfully and since then… nada.

So, that left me once again dumpster diving for some bugs.  Which I really don’t mind at all.  It’s pretty fun!

I found a spider and a strange gem.  I’m gonna radiate the heck outta that spider later.  Spiders creep me out.  But it was the gem that held my attention.  I had a strange glow to it.

The readings were off the charts!  Apparently, it’s called Tiberium and has some special properties.  I stowed it away for later since I wasn’t really sure what to do with it.

New plan.  Jog everywhere!  That’ll make me fit in no time right?

I decided to hold a rally.  Get some awareness up about the upcoming calamity.  This might also be a quick way to make some connections.

The protest was a huge success.  Although, I think some of the people were unsure what we were protesting.  At one point there was a sign featuring a yeti.  I have no issues with the yetis let this be known.  All-in-all I can say my first days back at the university were good ones even if my experiments aren’t going so well of late.



I decided to use the brain enhancer to change his traits when he got there.

For some reason, I was under the impression that this would be a lucrative thing to do but sadly I was wrong.

A couple of the more hilarious protest scenarious.  Unicorns and yeti!

I noticed this new introduction when he was handing out protest fliers.  Masters… Ivan Masters.  So funny!

I thought this was way too over the top and goofy for the story but too funny not to share.  I was really worried that he wouldn’t be able to succeed in a three-star protest but wanted to try because the reward was awesome.  Extra lifetime reward points!  I never did figure out how they are calculated but I did manage to complete a few big wishes in the next few days and he got a TON of points!

End of day 9 stats…
Lifetime reward points earned: 28,951
Cooking- 4
Street Art- 8
Gardening- 8
Science- 5
Handiness- 8
Logic- 8
Painting- 7
Writing- 7
Athletic- 3
Charisma- 2
Rebel Influence- Level 5
Cash- $21,461
2 Forbidden Fruit!
1 Plasma bug!

119 Days to Zero Hour

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