TS3- SNAFU 119 Days to Zero Hour

Weeks 9-11

In the early morning hours, I woke unable to sleep.  There was something about that gem that I’d found in the dumpster.  So, I called one of my university connections and they snuck a gem cutting machine into my dorm room.

There was one large spiral that looked creepy and alien and I got five gem dusts.  The readings for this thing were off the charts!

The spiral that I’d sat on the floor in my dorm started moving and glowing and it was really freaky.  I decided to take the gem dust outside in the fenced in area I’ve been growing my forbidden fruits.  Immediately they started to show the same behavior!  Highly illogical and yet fascinating.  I kept the large one upstairs to observe further.

My early morning excitement over the gem left me utterly exhausted in my lecture the next day.  I kept drifting off to sleep.

The vampire lady next to me nudged me and told me to pay attention and so I acted interested in the lecture.  The next thing I knew she was sleeping too!  I guess she didn’t think two of us sleeping at one table would cut it.  I really could have used the nap!

One of the forbidden fruit plants finally finished growing.  The results of the test were strange yet interesting.  I’m holding on to the fruit for now until I decide what to do with it.

I think it might have been a lack of sleep.  I really don’t know what came over me.  I’ve only ever tagged sidewalks and the university buildings.  But nobody has ever said a thing about it.  So I guess I was feeling a little invincible.  I decided that I was going to make my largest ground mural ever at The Grotto.  I’ve noticed a lot of rebels seem to hang out there.  The plan was to let them see and get their attention.  Oh, I got attention all right.

I hadn’t even gotten halfway through when I saw the police car pull up.  At first, I thought for sure it couldn’t be for me!

I went over to casually order a drink as the cop came inside but before I could even get my drink the guy hollered at me to put my hands on my head!

He fined me $1,000 and escorted me back to the dorm.  How humiliating.  This is not the sort of attention I was hoping to get.

After the cop dropped me off I spied some insects and decided to grab a few.

At least science doesn’t get me in trouble!

Yet another success with gene splicing.

And my third forbidden fruit seed planted.

I decided to keep my street art a bit closer to home this time.  This one was a masterpiece if I do say so myself.  I am a street art master!

The second forbidden fruit plant is almost ready to harvest and the third has begun to sprout.  All of the Tiberium, even the dust, grew into large spires.  They looked really freaky and alien-like.  I quickly collected them before they drew notice and called one of my less than reputable connections to offload them for a huge profit.

Most of university is a cakewalk for me now.  I don’t even get shocked by the brain enhancement machine anymore!  I think I’ve got this in the bag.  I need 2 more plasma bugs, 3 super spices, and 3 perfect empanadas and I’m done with the tests for the scientists.  Although, I’m not really sure why they want to me learn how to make food on that machine.  Whatever right?  They’re bankrolling this whole thing so what they want they get.


Since he had that bonus thing for earning lifetime reward points from the protest I was granting all kinds of weird wishes for him.  Like buying and then using a waterslide.  I could figure out a way this could possibly fit into the story but it was too funny not to share.

Especially this!  I really don’t think this is an umbrella moment.  Now you know why he’s dressed like this in one of the screenshots above.

Chapter notes:

This isn’t the end of the day.  I believe the last pic was near the end of day four but what happened next was several screenshots and I decided it would be better suited to the start of the next chapter.  Also, I was a little confused over the timing because of an outfit change.  I guess that’s what happens when you play a whole week before writing the chapters!  Let you all stew in the freaking fortune he just made off of that Tiberium!  Now, don’t forget, he only gets to keep 10% of whatever he earned in university but even only 10% of $242k is enough to build the house I’d started building for him at first and then scrapped due to the cost of it.  I hope to build all of the walls and everything right away because after that I’m limited to the number of build items allowed in a week and it would take forever if I didn’t finish rooms and stuff.  So you might be thinking wow he’s gonna be starting off with a huge advantage but eh so far I don’t think so. We’ll see if he makes any more big discoveries.

98 Days to Zero Hour

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