TS3- SNAFU 98 Days to Zero Hour

Weeks 12-14

I woke up in the morning starving and decided to give the empanada experiment another try.  And I succeeded!

It was so good!

I guess that success went to my head.  I decided to exact my revenge on spider-kind.  But this turned out to be a big mistake.  I didn’t even get any spider powers from the bite!

I was so sick from the bite I decided to just sleep it off.  It seems like every time I start to feel confident about my mission here something happens to knock me down a few pegs.

Painting is a nice safe soothing alternative but I’ve gotten quite good at it after all of these classes and am pretty well known here for my art so it’s not the best use of my time here.

Which is why I found myself, yet again, at the experiments.  This time I did a bit of herb testing.  It didn’t go well at all but at least I can’t get injured by basil!

Thankfully, I got a bit of a reprieve in a class activity.

After class, I finally found the motherlode of herbs and other produce!

I can’t have people thinking I’m afraid to go back to The Grotto after I was arrested there so I made my way inside and the owner laughed when he saw me.  He couldn’t believe that someone called the cops to his business since he’s a bit of a rebel himself.  He made me a really great drink to show that there were no hard feelings.

Wow!  That drink was incredible!  I was so pumped I just had to move!  I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill for hours.  I didn’t even fall.  Ya see that jocks?

I decided to test out some of the herbs but wasn’t very successful.

I wondered if they gave the same effects when eaten raw as they do when in liquid form and it sure seemed like it.  I got such a good nights sleep after munching some lavender before bed.

Which is why I was right back at The Grotto ordering another herbal drink after class the next day.

After finishing off my yummy chamomile tea I decided to get the rebels attention in any way I could.  But, the only rebel I could find Carol Chen didn’t look very rebellious to me!  I chatted with her for a while nonetheless.

Then I hit the jackpot.  Asala Karmam one of the elite rebels was outside of her dorm chatting with some friends.  I ran over and introduced myself and showed her a new gizmo.  She seemed impressed.

After that I decided I needed some more liquid courage if I was going to do what I had planned.

Jamil the barista and I compared gizmos and he shrugged it off when I told him I was going to finish my floor mural.

Success!  If this doesn’t draw attention nothing will!

On my way back to the dorm I decided to do a little diving.  Ya never know what you might find.

Another aced report card.  Did you expect anything less?

I thought I’d do a little of a work out to shake off some of the nerves I had about returning home.  Even if it is only for a few hours.

I was able to harvest the second forbidden fruit.  The third looks like it will be ready soon.

And I finally managed to create a super spice!

I found an alley catfish and I put him in a bowl by my bed and named him Scat Cat.  Of course, I had to do a few tests on Scat Cat.  I needed fish samples!  And then I heard the horn beeping outside.  Time to leave!

As I entered the bunker I noticed how quiet it is here.  Mom sat at the bar reading and I took a few minutes to just watch without her noticing.  Just like last time it feels surreal here.

There is no drama queen more dramatic than my mom.  Of course, she had to make a big production about me coming home just to leave again.

But, just like last time, I told her a few funny stories about the university and she was soon laughing and sending me off on my way.  Unlike last time here the whole bunker thing feels off.  I’m not saying I don’t believe that there might be an apocalypse coming but it just seems so unlikely when you see the world outside of The Hollows.  Not that it matters.  Two more semesters and I’ll be back here for good.


I was kind of hoping something more exciting would happen but he just got sick.

I didn’t even know that different herbs can give different effects.  So cool!

Used the machine to change his traits again before he left to help with his test score.

He got some certificates for topping gardening and painting skills.

It’s so weird having him going back to this gigantic empty lot to take the aptitude test each time.

End of day 14 stats…

Traits: Multitasker, Steel Bladder, Dirt Defiant, Hardly Hungry
Lifetime reward points left: 13, 977
Cooking- 4
Street Art- 10
Gardening- 10
Science- 7
Handiness- 9
Logic- 9
Painting- 10
Writing- 8
Athletic- 5
Charisma- 3
Rebel Influence- Level 7
Cash- $243,369
3 Forbidden Fruit!
1 Plasma bug!
1 Super Spice!
1 Perfect Empanada!

Chapter notes:

One more semester of university down and two to go!  This has completely changed my opinion of Sims 3 university.  There is so much content but if you don’t pay attention to it you don’t know it.  I saw protests as an annoyance.  I never for a second considered that a successful protest could have beneficial effects.  The herbs?  I just thought it was something goofy to give you rebel influence. I had no idea that they can give you boosts in different areas.  Whenever enough restrictions are lifted to return to university it will be like a whole different world!  I took a big hit to play this without restrictions and now I feel like it was definitely worth it.  Gaining the rebel influence has been a real pain.  I’m starting to worry that it will be difficult to keep up for his job later.  Hopefully not.

84 Days to Zero Hour

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