TS3- SNAFU 84 Days to Zero Hour

Weeks 14-16

Well, I’m back at university again.  A Junior this time can you believe it?  During the long ride here I couldn’t get this forbidden fruit out of my mind.  Why is it that it’s forbidden anyway?  Before any of the roomies got back I did a few tests but none of the readings made much sense.

I decided to go to the science center and correlate data.  The problem is, my reputation on campus isn’t the best.  I’m seen as some eccentric artist troublemaker now so despite my evidence they didn’t give me much of their time.

I returned back to the dorm angry.  Will anyone ever take me seriously?

I decided to just dive in head first and see where the rabbit hole takes me.  What’s the worst that can happen?  There’s an apocalypse coming any time now.  Compared to that what’s a little fruit?

Disappointed that the strange fruit didn’t seem to have any effects I made my way to the meet and greet… again.  I made a bargain with the lady vamp that she not sit next to me if she’s planning to sleep through the lectures this time.

Only four of us showed up at the meet and greet.  It was so boring.  I decided to lodge a protest against the unfairness of the science department.  Let’s see if they ignore me now!  I handed over a bunch of protest flyers to the mascot and asked him to pass them around.

I had been passing flyers out myself for a couple of hours when I started feeling quite strange.  I looked down and saw a strange green aura surround my skin… which then turned green!

I ran inside as fast as I could!

And my jaw dropped at what I saw!  Where did this beard come from?  No, really.  Do all plant sims have beards?  I’m assuming that’s what I am now.  A plant sim.  I stared for a few minutes and then an alarm on my phone warned me I needed to be at the quad for the protest.  Oh well.  Nothing to do for it now.

Queue protest montage…

(Click to enlarge!)


Despite several fights breaking out I think I got my point across.  Actually, I kind of forgot what the point was pretty quick.  Did you see those girls fighting?  And then that other girl attacked me!  Wow.


After that rowdy protest, a little experimenting was in order.  I should really be in bed but the thought just doesn’t sound satisfying.  Of course, I got bit by another bug.  Who knew ladybugs could be so fierce?

After staying up all night except for a quick nap on the bed I felt drawn to go outdoors as the sun came up.  I walked over to the still growing fruit plant and felt an odd urge to flirt.  That’s when I knew I really needed to get some sleep!

And that’s how it happened.  One minute I was having confused feelings for a plant and the next I was diving into the ground for a nice snooze.

I don’t know why but my first class was extremely stressful!  I mean, I needed some fun big time.  So when I ran into Samantha as I was leaving the building I invited her along to The Grotto.  We had some laughs the first time we grouped up when I was a Freshman.  What’s she still doing here anyway?  I know she’s much older than me!  And why is she wearing graduation robes?  So weird.

I got there first and saved us a table while I sipped my chamomile tea.  Herbs are so good.  I decided right then and there I’m going to be inappropriate.  To hell with societal norms!

I celebrated my decision with a dive into the dumpster.  Which made me wonder if there’s anything good in regular trash cans too?

Then I remembered Samantha and that I wasn’t being a very good friend leaving her alone while I dug through trash.  I wasn’t finding anything worthwhile anyway.  I went inside and we talked and joked.  Now, I know most rebels are always up for a dare.  I know I am so I decided to give Samantha a good one.  Divide by zero!


How was I supposed to know that so much thinking would set her on fire?  She’s a graduate after-all!  She’s supposed to be smart.  At least I was gentleman enough to try to extinguish her!

I think her telling me that she never wanted to see me again was a little harsh so I just let her steam and went to go chat with the werewolf girl.  I love supernaturals.  If I’m a plant sim does that make me one?  Hmm.

I headed back to the dorm after that.  Samantha and her hysterics ruined my buzz.  I gave Scat Cat his pellets and tried to understand girls.  Aeralyn never acted like Samantha does.  It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve seen my best friend.

I stayed up all night again experimenting with only a short nap in between.  I warned the ladybug that it better not bite me and it didn’t but it didn’t turn into a plasma bug either no matter how many times I sent it in there.  Resilient little thing!

I gave up on the bugs for a while and worked on herbs.  I managed to make another Super Spice!  That’s two now.

The final forbidden fruit was ready so now it’s just me out here in this ground.  Good thing nobody can get into this area but me.  I really need to sleep!



Chapter notes:

Ya know when I started this thing I didn’t expect it to be funny.  I actually expected it to be so boring that it would only take up a few chapters.  Wow, was I wrong!  And can I just say I adore our goofy founder?  

End of day 16 stats…

Traits: Multitasker, Steel Bladder, Dirt Defiant, Hardly Hungry
Lifetime reward points left: 19,490
Cooking- 5
Street Art- 10
Gardening- 10
Science- 7
Handiness- 10
Logic- 10
Painting- 10
Writing- 8
Athletic- 5
Charisma- 4
Rebel Influence- Level 8
Cash- $245,272
3 Forbidden Fruit!
1 Plasma bug!
2 Super Spice!
1 Perfect Empanada!
And obviously… plant sim!

49 Days to Zero Hour

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