TS3- SNAFU 49 Days to Zero Hour

Weeks 17-21

Being a plant sim was cool for like a day.  After that it just got weird.  The problem was that I wasn’t exactly sure how to change back. I knew it involved the Super Spice that I’d made on the research station but beyond that I was clueless.  Queue the I don’t want to be a plant sim montage…

At first, I tried putting it into my food.  I somehow used up both of the Super Spice I had saved up in the process of trying and failing to become human again.  So after my lecture, I went back to my room and created another one luckily on my first try.  I finally realized that I needed to pour it onto myself.  Thank goodness that’s over.  That leafy beard itched!

Don’t worry Scat Cat I’m all normal and my handsome self again.  I know he was concerned!

And so once I felt like myself again I started working on making another plasma bug.  After attempting it almost the entire night with many many fails I finally got one!

Three little plasma bugs sitting in a row.  Yes, I’m a bit loopy.  I need sleep!

But, I was woken twice that night by girls I didn’t even know asking me on dates.  Did the creation of plasma bugs make me suddenly more desirable?  I told them no and crawled back into bed.  Even if I wasn’t exhausted from the bug attempts most of the night I would have said no.  How do they even know me?  Maybe it’s the rowdy protest.  Who knows?

I woke feeling homesick and the late night calls reminded me that I haven’t spoken to my best friend Aeralyn in ages.  We chatted until I had to leave for class and she made me promise to stop by and see her next time that I’m home.

I ran into Samantha after class and made sure there were no hard feelings about the whole fire thing.  Thankfully she seemed over it.

I figured while we’re getting along again I’ll take a DNA sample from her just to see how it works.  She said it tickled.

Then, it was back to my lab aka the dorm to fail over and over and finally succeed in creating a second perfect empanada.  Another late night with me crawling into bed exhausted.  Who knew science could be so tiring!

Empanada, the breakfast of champions!  Tastes like victory to me!

I decided to take a break from science stuff for a bit to celebrate and finished a mural I’d started days ago.

A little drawing with my comrades was quite lucrative.  My art sells for a lot nowadays.  All part of the master plan.

Then I did a little dumpster diving for old times sake.  I am still a rebel after-all!

Yes, the whole treadmill thing was yet another way of avoiding working on the science station.  I’ll admit it.

I thought maybe adding some lavender to the fire would make me sleep better but I don’t think it works that way.  Now I’ve used up my supply.  Gotta find some herbs soon.

I guess I got a good nights sleep anyway because I managed to make a third perfect empanada on my first attempt!

I guess the success went to my head or something.  I showed up for finals super early and thought I’d do a mural while I waited.  Bad idea.  Really bad idea!  I’d barely started when I heard someone hollering for me to stop!

Seriously?  I can’t believe I got arrested… again!

What was the point in driving me back to the dorm?  I really can’t understand that.  She fined me another $1,000 and I barely made it back in time for my final!  Which I passed with flying colors despite the shenanigans.

It was a stressful day and I needed to kick back.  I asked Samantha if she was up for hanging out and surprisingly after the whole fire incident she was.

So we went over to B’s Bowlarama for a couple rounds of pool.  But what I was really interested in was the new karaoke machine.

Samantha wasn’t into a duo so I asked some dude.  He made it all weird.  Okay, we both made it all weird.  I think duos aren’t the thing for me.

Then, since I’d lost Samantha I asked another one of the rebel girls if she wanted to bowl.  She wasn’t very good.  Why do they all think it’s cool to wear their graduation robes everywhere anyway?  It’s not cool if you ask me.  But nobody asks me.  If someone did ask me I’d tell them it’s pretty lame.

We bowled for a bit but she didn’t seem very into it and the weird glow was hurting my eyes so I decided to bug out.  Just as I was leaving I caught sight of Samantha and told her I was leaving.  She told me she had a great time which is kind of weird since I hadn’t seen her for hours but whatever right?  At least nothing tragic happened this time!

I can’t resist a dumpster!

I decided to put my substantial handiness skill to good use and made the science station unbreakable.  Can’t have it breaking now, can we?

I got my report card after I finished that.  Another A.  Shocking I know.

And so, I spent the rest of the day while waiting for the van to take me home cloning plasma bugs to varying success.  I now have 9 of the little guys just waiting to be sold!

As promised, I quickly checked in on Aeralyn when I returned home and told her how much I missed her.

We talked for a few and caught up and then it was time for me to go yet again.  One semester left and I can return home for good.  I’m pretty much over uni at this point.  Luckily, I’m taking double the classes this semester so hopefully, that will keep me busy enough that it will go by faster.  I miss home.


This is the hair he had after changing back from plant sim.  It actually looks pretty good on him but no.

From 9 to 10 was just cloning plasma bugs… or trying at least.

I caught sight of our little Styx making his way through the snow on his way home while Ivan took his final aptitude test.

What on earth can he possibly be packing into that suitcase anyway?  He literally has nothing but the uni welcome kit!

End of semester 3 stats…

Traits: Multitasker, Steel Bladder, Dirt Defiant, Hardly Hungry, Entrepreneurial Mindset, No Bills Ever
Lifetime reward points left: 13,101
Cooking- 6
Athletic- 5
Charisma- 6
Guitar- 2
Writing- 8
Street Art, Gardening, Science, Handiness, Logic, Painting- 10

Rebel Influence- Level 10
Cash- $245,590
All Alien Technology requirements cleared except the DNA at home parts!  Wooo!

Zero Hour

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