TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 4.4: He’s Having a Baby!

Chapter 4.4: He’s Having a Baby!

The brother and sister enjoyed their pregnancies together.
Amber gave birth to a baby girl she named Tawny.  Looks like she’s saying can you guys knock it off for a minute while I have a baby!
I love getting snaps of these family moments when everyone’s together.
Blaze gives birth to another girl Sierra.  Kampol was totally grossed out by the proccess.
We interrupt these touching family moments for a quick penguin break.
Ryker had an obsession with taking Sierra out of the crib and cuddling her.
With the babies born it was time to think of jobs.  Amber decided to put her creativity to good use and write novels.  Her husband Kampol joined the military as was his lifetime wish.
Blaze decided to also use his creativity and paint for a living.  His husband Ryker got a job in the dance career since his hobby was music and dance.
Baby Tawny aged to toddler when I wasn’t paying attention.
Ryker runs out to the store he met Blaze at and buys the girls some new clothes.
So here’s Tawny as a toddler.
Yep, I missed another birthday.  Here’s Sierra as a toddler.
Chapter 4.4: To Parts Unknown
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