TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 4.3: Vacation Surprise

Chapter 4.3: Vacation Surprise

Blaze, Ryker, Amber and Kampol got married in a joint wedding at night.
I tried to marry them at the same time but the cut-scenes wouldn’t allow it.  Grr.
The guests were a small smattering of people they really didn’t know.
Geeze Amber shove the cake down his throat!
Yay cake!
Surprisingly Jack, Amber and Blaze’s long lost father shows up.
They all honeymooned together on Twikkii Island.  It sounded like such a good time.
On the first day they went on a glassbottom boat tour.  There were some squba divers stranded so they brought them aboard.  They all came home from the tour miserable and spend the rest of the day and night at the hotel.  The next day I thought Amber and Kampol were combing the beach, next thing I know I hear the baby jingle!  I zoom in on Amber and sure enough they’re in bed.  She showed no outward signs of pregnancy but spent the rest of the vacation in her hotel room.  Pictured above is Blaze’s last-ditch effort to find the local treasure map before the trip is over.  The guy with the long hair works at the hotel and kept filling in the holes as they dug them, it was hilarious.
Shortly after arriving home Amber’s belly popped.  Blaze is jealous.  Early on, when they realized that their mother never named an heir they decided to do everything together equally and share being heirs.  But this was one thing he couldn’t share in.
He became obsessed, working on his many-greats grandmother’s science equipment.  With a little science and a lot of alien technology he found a way for him and Ryker to have a baby together.
Poor Midnyte. She will be missed.
 Well, we have to have a cat after all!  Meet Tangelo.  🙂
Chapter 4.4: He’s Having a Baby!
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