TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 2.5: Bleh, Bleh, Bleh!

Chapter 2.5: Bleh, Bleh, Bleh!

It took the twins about a week of visiting Crypt ‘O Nyte nightclub every night before the Countess Vampiress finally appeared.  The Count actually appeared twice but they couldn’t flag him down to talk to him before he left the lot.
I’m not sure if reminding her of the sun is the best way to befriend a vampire?
Fast forward through the whole “be my friend and bite me” stage… the girls are officially vamped out!
They also get some makeup to go with the dark “everything black” theme.
There were some changes to adjust to.  Like sleeping all day in a coffin bed.
(I have inteen, they skip the last week of high-school.)
Seeing the newly installed coffins the next morning, Ian dares Lindsay to peek inside.
Ty is now afraid of his daughters.  Especially since they keep shouting bleh! and hissing at him all the time.
In a rare moment all of the family except uncle Armand is spending time together.
Armand aged to elder with only Ty there to celebrate with him.
The next day Ty and Lindsay aged to elders as well.  Ian grabbed a slice of cake and ran off to work.
Tragedy strikes!  Apparently all of those candles on the birthday cakes set fire to the kitchen.
Lindsay burns to death and then Ty catches fire as well.
Armand manages to get ahold of himself and extinguish the last of the flames but both Ty and Lindsay are lost as well as the entire kitchen.
The little graveyard grows bigger.
Ian comes home in time to help Armand clean up the mess and begin remodeling the house.
The orphaned twins slept in their coffins unknowing the loss that they would wake to.  With all of the confusion after the fire and remodel their birthday was forgotten.  Ian informs them over dinner the night of their birthday that Onyx is the heir. 
(Onyx is the twin on the right.)
Chapter 3.1: Where’s the Vampy Love?
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