TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 2.2: A Dark Cloud

Chapter 2.2: A Dark Cloud

It’s twins just as Azure predicted Lindsay announces in shock!  Let’s call them Onyx and Obsidian Ty replies with an unsure smile.
The parents put the babies into their cribs and put them out of their minds.
They’re on to more exciting pursuits.  Like getting married.
They have a blast.
Ian stays in his pjs the whole day.
He was rebelling against the wedding because it was his birthday.
Ian, being a fortune sim, does not have the smooth transition that Ty had.
He does pull himself together enough to get a purple-themed makeover.
The twins are about to age to toddlers and Azure notices that they don’t have any toddler or child clothes in the house for the babies yet.  The doting grandmother runs to the store to buy them herself.
She spends a great deal of time watching the babies sleep and caring for them.  She decides to retire to spend her last days taking care of the children who have practically absent parents.
Ty works all day and studies the magical arts by night.
Connor, worried about the children as well, retires with his wife.
Azure and Ty have many arguments about the children’s welfare.
It’s no surprise that it’s the grandparents that take the girls to their cakes for their birthdays.
The candles are blown out and a dark cloud blocks the sun.  Rain pours from the sky.  Azure sets the toddler on the floor and turns around to see Grim standing there.
The family who didn’t show up for the twin’s birthdays crowds around in shock at Azure’s death.
The family that was on shaky ground before falls apart.
Chapter 2.3: Full House
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