TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 2.1: Purple Reins

Chapter 2.1: Purple Reins

Ty aged to an adult with a nice bit of flair.  
He invited his highschool friend over the day of his birthday.  Her name is Lindsay Jeffress and they used to sneak out of the house a lot during highschool.  She aged to an adult when Ty did.  He announces his undying love for her then.
They hop into his parents bed without a second thought.
Knowing that Lindsay’s pregnant Azure starts sneaking her cheesecake.  She knows she doesn’t have much time left and wants to meet both of her grandchildren before she dies.
Additions are built onto the house to make room for the baby.
Ty proposes to Lindsay and she eagerly accepts.
(Sorry this chapter is so short.  On the plus side the next chapter is going to be long.)
Chapter 2.2: A Dark Cloud
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