TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge: 1.4: The End Of A Generation

Chapter 1.4

Time was just flying by and generation purple was taking a greater hold on everything.  Especially once Ian aged to a teenager.
He had the aspiration to make a lot of money in his lifetime.  I’d had too much of fortune sims in my Poverty challenge and so I dubbed his brother Ty, the popularity sim the heir.
Ty spent most of his teen years working on potions and learning to be a warlock.  Ian spent a lot of that time trying to get his attention.
Connor reached the top of his career.  Things were looking up in the family.
Azure aged to an elder with grace like everything else she did in life.
She makes one hot old lady!
Connor was a little less graceful.  Everyone had forgotten about his birthday and a party wasn’t thrown.  Azure begins to worry about her busy sons.  By this time both have after school jobs and Ty is solely focused on his witchcraft when he’s home.
We have a close call with Azure when she got electrocuted while trying to save money on repair bills by fixing the computer herself.
Ty studies by night by the light of his fairy light.
Then the time has come to be an adult.  Generation 2 has begun.
Chapter 2.1: Purple Reins
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