TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 1.3: Witchy Woman

Chapter 1.3: Witchy Woman

Azure was getting a little chunky so she got an exercise bike.
All the family eating breakfast together.
Ty ages to teen.  Time for a makeover.
That’s much better.
Typical sibling rivalry abounds.
Azure needs just a little more time.
The same woman who robbed them before tries it again.
A cop shows up and kicks her butt!
Ty visits a nightclub hoping a witch will show up.
He dj’s for a little bit.
Connor is level 9 in the business career and Azure is level 7 in the science career.
Finally!  Ty meets a witch at a gaming lot he visited with Ian.  If you didn’t know the rules state that the purple generation have to be witches/warlocks.
The bad witch shows up and causes havoc.
Ty invites the good witch to his house and they become good friends.  He asks her to show him the ways of the light and she gladly does so.
Chapter 1.4: The End of a Generation
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