TS2→ Awesimsauce Legacy 1.1: Try and Try Again

Generation 1 Chapter 1

A/N: If you’re not aware of what the Awesimsauce Legacy Challenge is… one day I was reading through old Sims 2 forums and found a reference to it.  I found it on an obscure old site.  Out of fear that if it was closed the rules would be lost I put them on my site here as well.  It’s a very silly legacy in which I got to gen 5 previously.  But when I recovered my Sims 2 saves I was way behind where I previously was and I just can’t get into it.  So, I thought I’d start over.  My simming has changed a lot since then.  Here’s the index for the first one.  The rules are on the first post… Awesimsauce.

This is Zafre Prism.  Zafre is a dark blue color.  Which, as you’d probably guessed, is the color for gen one.  There really aren’t any other goals for this gen beyond starting legacy-style and having the heir.  First thing you need to know is that this is the second Zafre.  I started over because of this…

When I picked this custom neighborhood called Tumbleton there was a note there saying that they’d created an extensive list of townies and that I shouldn’t see these ones… but obviously I did.

When looking through the suggested mods list I thought for sure I had this one and didn’t even double check but I didn’t.  sigh  So, I started over.  I did decide to include a few pics here where something relates to something that happened the first time though.

Thanks to ElderJymm’s awesome mod finding abilities I was able to start off with no bin sims as well!

Here’s the little house.  As always the first thing that happened was getting Humble’s free computer.

Which she used to get a job in the Education career.  The reward is awesome.

I waited around to see if a new welcome wagon would be created and when I saw that there wasn’t she went to a flea market.

I forgot there are living statues in this game!  (she met these two sims but for whatever reason I didn’t take any pics)


She’d been friends with this girl the first time so she befriended her again right away!

There’s also a pink gorilla roaming the streets.  I assume he’s the owner of this establishment…

The first time around she’d gone to the gym right away since she went into the Law Enforcement career.  This time I figured since she prefers a fit sim she’d have a better chance of finding one here.  (I rolled her likes and dislikes.)

But the sims didn’t even work out.  This is a different gym than the first time and I realized there are no showers so she just went home.

I found these adorable undies on MTS!  Did you know that one of the fastest ways to up the fun need in this game is kicking flamingos?

Off to her first day at work.  I meant to get a pic of each outfit but kept forgetting.

Bad chance card got her fired her first day!  Thankfully, she was able to get the career again right away.

Oh, see here’s the guy she’d met at the flea market the day before.  A lot of these sims are quite the characters.

Her fun and social were super low despite only having been at work for a few hours so they played catch.  I suppose it was her poor mood from being fired but no matter what I did they couldn’t raise their relationship.

Despite not having much money she went to a restaurant that I believe was called Ninja Pizza.

This guy’s face makeup cracked me up.  See the girl behind her?  She looks similar to the one she’d met at the flea market the previous day and she invited her to eat with her before I realized that she isn’t!

See?  Not the same but similar.

The next day she got promoted!

And when she got home this guy was walking by…

He’s the one she married the first time!  This time they had no chemistry.  I’d rolled for her zodiac sign and turn-ons and she has a different hair color.  Darn!

She needed charisma and thankfully the promotion gave her a little spending cash.

Which paid off!

I just thought this was funny at the time… no clue why?

I this guy walked by next and they both got the love hearts of attraction so she greeted him.

Another flashback.  He was the first one I considered for the original Zafre but she had better chemistry with the other guy.  Also, one of my T-Park sims has that hair.

She invited him to have a date so that he wouldn’t run away.  As per usual, they wanted to play.

The ACR mod!  Ohmygosh they barely knew each other and they hopped into bed!

Although, neither seemed impressed in the end.

How romantic… slow dancing next to the toilet.

Yea I bet.  Y’all woohoo’d twice!

And then she thought about it the rest of the night.  Also, look paint!

I’d been struggling to find something blue I liked and finally found this which not only looks really cool but also has a bunch of colors and since this is partly a rainbow legacy it fits right in.

I decided to make popularity her second aspiration and was able to get the 3-way calling which is great for increasing 2 friendships at once.  So she spent the entirety of that day on the phone.

And then the day after that was her day off so she invited a group out.

Hello one-eyed man… do you happen to have sunshine on the menu?

Of course, everyone ordered expensive food.  Thank goodness for that promotion eh?  I really love restaurants in Sims 2.

I had to check out Pink Gorilla Games!  It drives me bonkers that all of the other lots are pixelated.

It was very cool but like most of the lots that I’ve visited, it was kinda small and hard to angle the camera for pics.

After the group outing was over she invited Perry on a date.  Did I mention that his last name is Weird.  No, it’s not a weird last name… it’s Weird.  LOL!  Go away dude I do not want to hug you!

It was a pretty cool club and quite large.  They mostly just danced and made out.  The guy, Glen that she’d originally married stood and watched them for a long time.  It was creepy.

Wow, she was out for a really long time!

A potted plant… why thank you.  Not a bad first week.

Chapter 1.2

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