TS2→ Awesimsauce Legacy 1.2: A Bride in Blue

Generation 1 Chapter 2

Zafre woke to find the nice potted plant and roses that Perry had left her and since she had another day off of work she asked him out on a date.  She looks a bit nervous.

Oh yes, he’s totally into her!  I think she has nothing to be nervous about!

She’s now finally become friends with the host that she met the first day, Freya.  It’s taken longer since she hasn’t been able to invite her anywhere.  I suppose that’s because she’s a service sim.  And now, let’s watch and see what happened during their meal…

I love the surprise proposal interaction!  So cute!  I almost died laughing when, as soon as he’d accepted she started talking about public woohoo!

How cool is that DJ?  I’m loving all the sims in this town!

They danced and made out for a bit.

No time like the present right?  Now, I’d already done the wedding once at this point.  I’d just been finishing it when my electricity flickered and I lost the whole thing!  The only consolation is that the second time around it wasn’t a freaking snow storm!  I was quite happy that unlike the first attempt at this a few days ago with her when she married someone else she does have several friends!  Again, let’s watch, shall we?

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Yay!  It was beautiful and I managed to find a way to take advantage of the cut-scenes!

And look they had a gate crasher!

She looks so stunned that they are toasting her!

I used moveobjects to hang the firecrackers mid-air!  LOL!

She’s so cute.  Blushing bride for sure!

A bit more fireworks.  They were all having so much fun.

I tried to get them all to dance with them but no luck.

They all kept doing toasts it was so funny.

Everyone seems very happy for them.

Finally, they all had begun to smustle when Zaffre reminded me of her needs… which were terrible!

Heck yea!  This is not an easy feat in this game for sure!

Chapter 1.3

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