TS4→ Drifter Reboot 001.0: Setting Up

House 001… A bit of this and that

You can read about me resurrecting Neo’s ancestors in the Rebuilding & Merging Two Drifter Family Lines chapter.  His mother’s side is from Drifter I the Rovers and his father’s side is from Drifter II the Rains.  I decided to give him Rover as his last name though because I don’t plan on using “Rain” in my sim’s names anymore.  The game, on the other hand, didn’t seem to understand that…

It gave the household his dog’s last name!  The dog?  Yes, well, there was a dog in Drifter I house 009.  A man… that they all thought was a dog.

Oberon.  (Because there were no dogs back then!)  Okay, so you see, Neo’s grandparents Atticus and Granule thought that they were immortal druids there hiding in this dimension from… something.  Most of the beginning of their house was searching for their faithful hound Oberon.  The plan was that when I did the whole uhh “making of graves and ghosts” thing I’d have a doggie grave for Oberon.  But, when it came time for it I just couldn’t.  So, I’ve decided that the dog Oberon is indeed immortal.  This begs to question… were his grandparents really Atticus and Granule?  (The Iron Druid Chronicles book series!)

This save is one that I’d already started working on at one time.  It had all of the Drifter I houses in Newcrest and a bunch of Drifter families from other people’s games living in them.  Unfortunately, I have no clue who most of them are now.  So I went ahead and added in all of the other houses, the restaurant, nightclub, and gym that’d I’d built (I’d reused the non-residential buildings the second time around because I’m lazy like that.)  I did run out of room, so part of them are in Windenburg in the neighborhood on the top left of the map.

I then spent ages downloading and adding from the gallery more families from the DrifterChallenge hashtag as well as a bunch of sims from the LegacyLoves hashtag.  So now the save has everything from pregnant women and babies up to elders!  Every time I do this challenge I end up with like 150 (really!) households full of elders by partway through the second house because the game generates mostly young adults unless you’re visiting the park… which I can’t… there isn’t one.

Lastly, I randomly generated a TON of pets and merged them into most of the households including Neo’s brother and sister’s.  This cat was the coolest!

Next, I built the restaurant!  I decided to build a new one instead of using the other one for the third time.  I’m extremely pleased with the outcome.  If you’re familiar with southern American restaurants this should be pretty familiar.  Here in Florida, if there’s a porch it looks like this!

This is a bit like a restaurant I worked for a few years as a waitress.  That one had a more nautical theme but I didn’t want to do fish.  So, there’s the porch for when it’s nice outside…

The inside here for when they need a bit of a/c…

And a private party room.  I added some extra two-seaters because ya never know how big the family will be later in the challenge.  Although, I did add another 8-seater on the porch for nice days as well.

This is just your average restaurant hallway.  Pics and high chairs.  I couldn’t really get the camera into the kitchen or bathroom for pics.  Poor Neo was plopped onto his empty lot in the middle of the night and by morning when it was light enough to take pics, his needs were terrible.  I took pity on him and let him use the toilet while I took the pics.

Just in case you’re thinking there was some advantage to using a pre-existing sim.  Although, really, he was born the day before this so… he isn’t.  Also, please note, if there’s something I do that you think is cheaty… eh, whatever.  I mean, if it’s not fun what’s the point?  I can’t see myself straying from the original rules much beyond the dog thing but who knows?

And lastly, I rolled the house lot traits.  I always roll them.  Adds a bit of fun.  We’ll see how much the filthy trait affects things.

Neo: Wait a minute!  You took me to a restaurant and didn’t let me eat?!?  Sorry dude…

Here, eat some strawberries.  Thankfully, they were harvestable since he’d spent the night on the bench already.  One last note, I’m starting near the end of spring.  Not a conscious decision, it’s just what I always click when I’m trying to get past that screen into the save!

Chapter 001.1

P.S.- Frustratingly I realized that I missed 2 family members from Drifter I.  I want to add them in but now that I’ve started the challenge I can’t figure out how to!  For the first time ever I wish we had an option for Sims 2 style lots where he’d be frozen in time if I left him for part of a day!

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