TS4→ Drifter Reboot 001.1: Looking for Love?

House 001 Chapter 1

We left off with poor Neo hungry and needing a shower.  I had him eat some strawberries and sent him on the circuit to find stuff to sell.

I found Oberon over here with this girl.

Neo went over and introduced himself.  She’s pretty cute.  Could he have found the one… already?

I should have had him leash Oberon and take him with him but since I didn’t I just teleported him to him which was pretty funny since he teleported between his legs!

Not a bad haul for the first day!

I forgot you can look at the weather forecast on the calendar.  While buying everything I had this sudden picture of poor Oberon stuck in the rain.  LOL!

I’d plopped some of the mods back in… none of the cheaty ones.  But one of my new favorites is the one that brings dog walkers to all of the neighborhoods.

Speaking of dogs, a bit of TLC for ours.

He needed more money.  Unfortunately, he never caught anything in the hours he was fishing!

Oberon wanted a walk.

Let’s go!

Why are my sims always in their PJs???  This guy looked like he was wondering the same thing.  I think he’s from one of the Drifter families.

Back to bed.

His face!  Ohmygosh I couldn’t stop laughing!

And then this!  Poor Neo.  He did choose this though so we can’t feel too bad for him.  So, here’s what happened: Drifter I house 009 grandparents were removed from the program because they were kinda nuts with the whole thinking they were ancient superhero-type-people reincarnated and that their dog was a man… and could talk.  Drifter II house 008 grandparents weren’t interested in building.  After adopting two toddlers they asked to be removed from the program, moved to Windenburg, and had Neo’s grandpa Cade.  Cade met Rayven who would have been the Drifter I house 010 heir (unfortunately, I seem to have lost all of the pics from when she was born) they bonded over their shared family past, fell in love, and had the triplets.

When Neo and his siblings were approached he figured he had nothing else going on so why not?  I think maybe he’s wishing he’d gone the way his brother and sister had and just stayed in Windenburg!

At this point, the Drifter program has been going on for a very long time.  Nobody really understands how but the houses that are built are eventually teleported somewhere else.  Rumor has it that there are all kinds of Drifters doing this same thing and filling neighborhoods all over the place as they go.

Which begs to question… are they really there?

Maybe all of these surroundings are some sort of simulation?  Wouldn’t that be wild!  Sim=simulation… haha! cough Enough story-mode!

Love Day is here and the elders, including Neo’s mom in blue, don’t seem enthused.

Oberon: Wake up!  Walk time!

I’d thought at the time that he could finish his nap later.  LOL!

His brother was walking down the street so he stopped the round of collecting to go say hi.

Apparently, Brock isn’t very fond of this heat wave…

Moments later their sister jogged by them and he flagged her down too.

How cute, the triplets together.

Or not?

I guess I’ll just watch them.

I didn’t realize calling Oberon would wake him up.  Probably since I hadn’t told him to nap.

Well, since you’re awake you might as well start meeting some potential ladies.

Poor guy was kinda miserable.  But it was the middle of the day!

This is Samantha and Pearl.

Oh, a flower!  Look at how Samantha is watching to see her reaction.  Even the guy walking his dog takes notice.

Pearl: It’s just a daisy!  How could he give me a flower he picked out of the ground himself???

(That is a teen walking by them!)

Maybe Samantha will be more appreciative of a hand-picked flower?

Apparently, not.  Now, if a guy gave me a flower he’d picked instead of spending a ton of cash on a rose I’d be pleased… but that’s me.

More girls to meet.  The girl in the white top was an adult.  The other one is Lena aka the stalker.

Here Lena have a flower!

She didn’t like it either but to cover up her cough not-so-nice reaction she threw some confetti.

Yes, another one, Veronika.  Lena’s looking at her like she’s daring this one to like the flower.

Ohmygosh she did!  I think Lena’s wishing she’d had a better reaction.  I was thinking hmm… perhaps we should pick the ones that like the flower?

She is pretty cute.  Maybe?

And look, she even stood there watching him all concerned after he passed out!

Brock: Looks like brother’s had too much juice… if you know what I mean!

At some point, Veronika left and he stumbled over to his little hut-type-thing to eat leftover burgers.  He tries not to think too hard about where the platter of burgers come from when they appear in front of him and then disappear after he’s grabbed one.

After eating he passed out again on his way to the bush to pee.  Poor guy!

I don’t know?  I feel like giving flowers to a bunch of different girls was pretty successful… maybe not the passing out part.

No waking sims!  He was sooo tired!  I’m sure that cheap bed isn’t helping things.

Chapter 001.2

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