TS3→ SNAFU Apocalypse 3.7: Time Marches On

Generation Three Chapter Seven

Life here with the Masters is like the opposite of my Wickers in Gnome Crazy.  Although… I’m not so sure about the crazy part.

Whatever is happening in that save that’s making things not line up right is happening with this one too but it’s so darned funny I haven’t tried to figure it out yet!  That’s gotta hurt.

Laniek was on her way out the door to catch the carpool and I had a vague memory of her being promoted last time so I checked.  Yes, she was.  No going to work for you!

Now that she’s got the ear of the politicians they’ve sent her to the law enforcers to see if there’s anything that can be done to make The Hollows a safer place.

Jarick was stir-crazy but otherwise in a good mood so he headed to the library across the street to work on his next masterpiece.

Ingain was playing with Pax so I left her to it.  It’s so weird now that I’m playing her dad, Andres in a different save!

Davin got home from his 2-hour or whatever workday and made lunch.  I realized later I had him cook too early.  I ended up having to force them to eat the horrendous ones in the bathroom that night!

I made Xerie come back from the resort to eat with them since her social was also horrible.  She’s driving me nuts over there… still.  I was hoping after a break that I’d be more enthusiastic but no.

I didn’t think about it until later that it’s probably not the best idea having my heir repairing electronics!

Back to the resort.  I spend so much time staring at the ground looking for roaches and trash…

And things that need repairing or cleaning.  I pretty much just click every single item in the two buildings that can break or get dirty and queue them up for her.  But, as soon as that queue is gone… she’s in the freaking hot tub!

Davan wanted to take Zeus for a walk and meet someone new.  There really isn’t anywhere exciting to walk so they went across the street to the park.

Meanwhile, I had the girls exercise.  I thought it would be helpful for Breeyo if she encounters a mummy and Laniek needs maxed athletic for her goals.  Ingain?  It was just something for her to do.  A bit after this I remembered she’s supposed to be painting.

Her needs were horrible.  I was trying to queue her to do some stuff but no… let’s growl at one of the dozens of dirty plates lying around!

Gidget was outside attacking some helpless creature.  Well done, Gidget.  Carry on.

Gnome check.  Compared to Gnome Crazy… which was inspired by these gnomes… there seems like so few of them!

Yay!  Hopefully, she’ll be able to paint something good for once.  I swear next spouse better be artistic!  I really wanted to get all the masterpiece portraits!

Such weirdness happens in this game!

I added a few little things to the resort but there really isn’t much else that I’m allowed so bye-bye it goes!

Look!  Alisdair haunted that night!

In the morning Breeyo discovered her pregnancy.

Laniek getting her needs up for work.  I totally forgot that she could sponge-bathe which is really nice!

Davan really had nothing to do so he tutored Breeyo for a while.  If I’d had the foresight I should have had him doing it since he got his promotion so he could get that skill challenge.

Not much time left so I had Ingain go ahead and try making a portrait.

If I came to a resort and saw the manager eating that… I’d run.

Yay!  Just a few more levels to go!

Ever wonder what happens if a dog is walking through a doorway when it’s time to age up?

Well, wonder no more!

Davan’s birthday should have been the day before this but he never aged up!  Time for Ingain.

As well as Davan.

I was happy to give Ingain different hair than Xerie.  I have 3 days that I can control them so I’m hoping she can paint a masterpiece a portrait in that time.  She never maxed her athletic skill so I think she can’t leave the lot now… I’ll have to look.

Working on a second portrait.  I scrapped it when I realized that Breeyo was tilting her head.

Awe my babies.  Soon I’ll have to start sending Pax out of the house all the time.  sigh

Chapter 3.8

Chapter notes: Obviously, I’ve fixed most of my lagging problems.  I made a test save and just tried one thing after another over and over until it was playable again!

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