TS4→ Robinson Legacy 4.6: Harvestfest

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Generation 4 Chapter 6
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Harvestfest gnomes!

Nothing like having a couple of gnomes appear behind you when you’re trying to enjoy your early morning ice-cream.

A little play time with Brynn.

Seems gardeners don’t get the day off.

Bath time!

Heaven’s already modded all of the video games.  I think she was doing freelance work.

If you love holiday gnomes and the reason is that you are mean…

The obvious conclusion is that you like to kick them!

Which starts a chain reaction…

That took the whole family to remedy.

Swoosh must have been outside in the rain again.  sigh

Time for the grand meal?

Everyone come an get it!

No, you do not need to move the toddlers.  Just give them a plate!

Fine.  It took them forever to stop messing with the toddlers and sit to eat.

Kellie doesn’t like doing the thankful tradition but I made her do it anyway.  Brynn looks like she is up to no good and trying to convince Isabeau to join in.

Or maybe she just wanted a hug!

Baylee serenaded Moose.

Isabeau went to bed and Brynn occupied herself while the adults cough were occupied as well… if you know what I mean.

I felt bad for Kellie so I had her invite that Marcus Pancakes boy (man?) over that she’s been seeing since they were teens.

I could have sworn he was her boyfriend already.  Oh well, time to remedy that.  Boyfriend selfie!

Not exactly the look you want on your girlfriend’s face after woohoo.

I found Ella outside soaking in the hot tub.  Hot tubbing when it’s chilly outside is great.

Kellie and Marcus had a rousing game of chess.

The ghosts just floated right by Brynn who was still occupied by the toddler tablet.

Oh, calm down Gabriel.  Great.  He’s gonna break everything.

Cassie did the laundry.

And then followed her daughter into the bathroom to cry.  I’m sure that wasn’t creepy at all for Baylee.

I suppose she wanted an audience.  Kellie doesn’t look like she minded.  Maybe it was the new boyfriend buzz?

Isabeau woke up and found entertainment.

Umm… y’all have a toddler on the loose!

Or a toddler who thinks she needs to go to the furthest seat to eat?

Dinner party time.  Baylee, you’re not supposed to drink them!  Looks like she was sick.  Since they couldn’t have Ace and Nico’s birthday’s they just threw a dinner party.

The toddlers dancing didn’t seem to count.

Tevin wasn’t available to invite.  Maybe he was at home with the kids?  So it was just Ava and Zaiden.

Put that freaking food down Tania!  Liza was trying to cook and everyone kept raiding the fridge and I kept resetting them to force them to put the food down.  Eventually, I just turned the fridge around.

It’s funny how different all of Trey’s kids look.  The twins Frankie and Tierra look nothing alike and only Tania looks like Trey.

Ava and Tevin spent the entire time in the playroom with the girls.  Maybe they were missing their own kids.

This is about the time that I realized that a grand meal might be nice because it’s more servings but it doesn’t count for everyone eating in the dinner party goals.

Still in here.  I wish they could have brought their kids.  I didn’t have any mods in so obviously I couldn’t.

Since the meal that everyone else was eating didn’t count I had the family eat ice cream and cake.

With that tier of the aspiration complete, the next was to cook so she got that out of the way and she’s already topped the chef career.  She just needs to cook 3 meals at a party and it’s completed.

You little rascal what were you doing outside in the cold?

So pretty!  The day’s not over but I’ll leave this here.


So much for having a dinner party on Harvestfest.

This popped up and I was like what the heck but it’s a freelance job for Heaven.


So true.

Way to guilt trip us about not inviting you to Harvestfest Ava.

Do you think she was missing her family?

I had them all take bubble baths to complete the playful sims task.  Needless to say, Moose spent some time calming himself in the mirror.

I still can’t believe that meal didn’t count as “eating.”

Ella was promoted.

Heaven was promoted.

Another gold metal.

I couldn’t save…

It wasn’t my sim!  I finally found this little girl but she just stood there and stood there so finally I reset her and she left.  So freaking weird.  When did they add sims roaming the island anyway?

A/N:  I had to go back seven chapters to find the last time that I did a review!  Wow.

Baylee- Has completed all her goals just working on maybe maxing charisma.  Needs to have a date with Moose and serve a max quality meal and drink.  (I keep forgetting!)

Liza- One party away from completing the Master Chef aspiration and earning me a point for completing that one and Master Mixologist in one generation.  Other than that not doing much.

Moose- Has completed all his goals just working on maybe maxing charisma as well.

Kellie- Level 8 Criminal Boss.  Needs to witness a death to complete Public Enemy.

Ella- Level 8 Journalist.  On the third tier of her Bestselling Author aspiration.  Level 8 writing/3 charisma.

Heaven- Level 5 Tech Guru.  On the 2nd Tier of her Superparent aspiration.  Level 6 programming/5 video gaming.

Isabeau- Highest skill imagination 4.  Needs to start working on the Uncontrolled Emotions trait.  Birthday in 1 day!

Brynn- Highest skill movement 4.  Birthday in 4 days.

A little over §100,000 off from making the next point from Fortune.  I suppose maybe I could actually try to make money?

Robinsons Reunion

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