TS4→ Drifter Reboot 001.2: Persistence Pays?

House 001 Chapter 2

Time to get up!

Good morning Oberon.

Oi!  Keep your dog outta my dig spots!

The inexpensive bush toilet turned out to be a mistake.  Once he’d sold enough to replace it, it was removed.

Brock showed up.  It’s so funny how they stand at the mailbox if you have no door.

Neo stopped what he was doing and ran all the way over there but Brock left!

Oh well.  Time to give some attention to the pooch.

This girl, Grace, stopped him to chat.  I really liked the idea of Oberon finding a spouse for him but for one I didn’t want to get someone with the same hair and two…

Unemployed and ambitious?  Just no.  She’d be tense all the time.

This girl, Adriana, was cute.

Ha!  I’ve never seen that!

Those heels look a bit odd with the casual shirt and ripped jeans but to each their own.

And let it begin.

Wow does she have the pouty look down pat eh?

This adult lady walked by like she was thinking “try me punk.”

What the?  I suppose maybe Amie’s pouty look was to cover up those teeth!

More sims stopped to say hi.  This seems to be a really popular road!

This one’s Melany.  She was sad.  I think she may be gloomy.

Another girl, Keilani, joined them.  I know you’re thinking I added way too many to this save but I figured once he gets hitched MCCC can pair them off with the many single guys.

And there are single guys.  I did consider it.  I mean, Brock the Drifter I house 001 founder married Emmerson and they had 2 babies.  But, truthfully, even though it’s part of the game it just feels weird to me.  LOL!  This dog tho, so funny!  (The blonde is Nicole)

He’d stopped collecting earlier that day when Brock showed up and got distracted but he stopped again to introduce himself to yet another sad girl, Alvetta.

Again, no.  We have no money to travel.

He told her a few jokes and she cheered up.  Turns out she’s a goofball.  You know how they like their jokes.

I suppose she thought that if he said no to the ruins he would say yes to the bluffs?

This vampire, Rieko, was in one of the previous Drifter saves.  When I was setting up this save forever ago I’d put her and her husband in it.

This drink was just lying on the ground so he grabbed it and got a cupcake.  Gotta treat yourself now and then right?

Speaking of treating himself.  Look!  Walls!

I figured he might as well chat with that Lena girl who keeps inviting him out.  She’s persistent if anything.

Isn’t it so cute?

It’s summer now and most of the plants have gone dormant.  So sad.

I don’t know why her pic didn’t show up.  I’d really like to go to the flea market actually.

§997?!  Really?

It took me a few minutes to find something he could sell for the final §3 so he could travel.  Technically, he was invited out.


Not yay?

Finally, we get a better look at stalker Lena.

Brock and Febe just stood there looking at each other like wait for it.

Ohmygosh another one is taking her place!

Lena: I just love cats!

Neo: Cats?  Ugh.

Febe: (looking at Brock) Told you!

Just a random pic of the huge queue at this booth.

He wanted to purchase something.  I zero’d on that yellow lamp to the left.  But, it was too expensive so he got the one on the right.

Brock: I have a cat you know.

She doesn’t really look Neo’s type but might as well introduce himself.

Moving on…

He wanted to watch the statue busker and since there was nothing else going on I figured why not?  Alvetta stopped next to him to watch too and they both stood there with that unimpressed look on their face!

The statue isn’t very exciting, might as well chat with the pretty lady right?

Gotta love a goofball.

Then this lady walked up.  She didn’t talk to them, just stood there.

I could not stop laughing!

He wanted to buy something else again and by this point, he’d bred frogs a few times so he grabbed this yellow chair.

When it had popped up saying there were triplets that day when I was looking to see if Rayven was pregnant, I’d almost changed it.  I am so glad I didn’t because I adore these two already!

Neo: This girl is so into me…

Girl: I wonder if he’d introduce me to his brother?

He went around grabbing some posters while eating a burrito.  I like it when they know this recipe.  Burritos are good for any meal!

Yea, I didn’t have any hope.

Dripping wet but the dog comes first.

Haha, yay!

Chapter notes:  I’m sure by now you’re wondering why I’m dragging my feet?  Well, once again, one of the settings I’d put into MCCC for Ash Shore has messed things up for me.  I’d had it set so that nobody gets jobs!  I realized it fairly quick but all of the girls he’s asked are still unemployed.  I remember in a few houses in past saves some of them eventually got jobs.  It’s not a money thing.  It’s a they-drive-me-nuts-being-around-all-the-time thing!  Most of the time they just get in the way.  It sounds mean but it’s true!  Ask any Drifter or ISBI player and they’ll agree.

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