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Extra Bonus Chapter

It was really cool having the whole family together at once.  If you’re wondering, I brought the Robinsons and Ava’s family and the house over to the YOTO save for this since all this would have been cheating otherwise.  It was especially exciting seeing the toddlers all together for the first time.  Kinda sucks that they won’t have those relationships anymore.  Speaking of relationships, I saved Ace and Nico’s household and Wolfgang’s household and brought them here then repaired everyone’s family ties and friendships.  Yay!  The boys are home!


I was trying to decide if I wanted to take any more pics or what and happened to see this and thought you know what let’s do it!

But, this wasn’t our only reunion!  Yes, that’s right, I searched through old saves until I found one with Jon still living, saved him to my library, brought him here and umm… replaced him?  I’m still furious that one of my ghosts on my lot got culled!

The birthday…

The original plan was to have them go to school Friday, come back to the youth center and have their birthday, then leave that evening to go home.  That way their time-table matches up with the previous Robinson’s chapter.  But I’d made the “birthday” holiday so I wouldn’t forget which day it would be and it gave them the day off of school!  So, they went to Brindleton Bay for a birthday.  I’d wanted them to sit outside and found a restaurant with outdoor seating and then it rained!  Darn weather.

I kept waiting and waiting for the food to come and thought it was bugged and just ordered the cake and then just as Ace was aging up she plopped it down!

Selfies for the wall at home.  I took them and put them in a room in the restaurant and then saved the room to my library.  LOL!

Before I realized that the sunset in the previous Robinson’s chapter matched up perfectly with the one when they were standing outside of the house I was going to have them arriving at Windenburg and making a wish in the fountain.

Ohmygoodness I did not see this coming!  I completely forgot that I’d taken the MC Woohoo mod out when I was playing Ash Shore.  I figured I don’t want risky pregnancy in any other save except Ash Shore so I didn’t put it back in.  But I need it for no jealousy!  Her relationship panel showed both as her spouse still but they were not happy.  Meanwhile, she’s like what’s up with you two?  LOL!

A/N- Baylee was totally eating that cake on her own when I looked to see where she was!  Unplanned but perfect eh?

Chapter 4.7

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