TS3→ Gnome Crazy! Ch 29: Love Day Antics

Chapter 29

As you may remember at the end of the previous chapter I reset everything because the townies were acting weird.  When I got back in game a few days later I decided to clear out all of the household’s inventory.  Yikes.

The family inventory is a disaster since Andres’ vacation.  For some odd reason, it’s duplicated some of the items there that were in the chests!

That done, I had them go back to their individual tasks.  I’m hoping sooner or later things will get more serious between Neve and Kyris so he can stop “renting” this house.

A little homework time.  I feel like now that he’s an adult and with all the weirdness that goes on with Jon, Andres is getting more into the whole family thing.

Jon gets to see what it’s like being lucky for a day.

Put that good luck to use!

Andres planted all of the seeds that he and Kyris had been carrying around.  I know I can figure out what they are with that watering contraption but I really like the mystery!

Wow cool!  I never actually meant for him to garden so much.  He technically just needed to so he could get the plasma bushes for the vampire gnome which they have now.  But, I’ve discovered that I really like gardening in this game.

I still have no idea what is sometimes making my sims unaligned.  It’s happened a few times in Sims 2 as well.  But it sure makes for some funny screenshots!

I think Jon may be addicted to jelly beans.  I should really put a death flower in his inventory.  I had a CAS-made ghost once from a jelly bean death.  Although, they are cool looking and making ambrosia might be fun.  LOL!

I absolutely love this thing!  Not only can cats rid themselves of fleas but both the dog and cat use it autonomously quite often giving them a nice moodlet.

A little jelly-bean-buzz induced magic practice.

Kyris!  Living like a slob!

After cleaning up he went back to his alchemy.  I really need to start finding stuff for more of his elixirs.

A bit of nighttime digging.  They haven’t been finding any tunnels to explore lately.

A bit of attention for our resident horsey.

Kyris had learned the haunting curse…

So he went over to the main house to try it out.

That looks so cool!

Oh, look… a top hat.  He talked to the ghost for only a few minutes then he disappeared.  I’d expected it to haunt him longer.  I’m at a loss on getting that ghost gnome.

Another one of those horribly uncomfortable looking chairs.

Good morning gnomes.  Jon’s been conjuring apples to feed to Domino.

So, I’d gone back to playing SNAFU around this time and when I came back I realized the aging from that save had carried over to this one when practically everyone in the neighborhood started aging up immediately!  Anyway, I’ve been a bit stressed over Jon aging to teen so quickly and while changing the aging back to long I discovered something!  When I’d originally set it I must have shortened teen down to normal lifespan levels.  Which means, technically, Neve and Kyris should still be teens!

I also discovered that the festival tickets in their inventory seem to be bugged.

Love Day!

I spent entirely too much time trying to figure out how the Nraas matchmaker works.  I decided that since it’s Love Day Andres should make some attempt to find someone.

After much testing, I learned that what he needs to do is basically choose every sim he doesn’t already know.  Then I can sort it by scores and see who is at the top.

Meanwhile, the others went to the festival.  They were hungry but vendors hadn’t been assigned yet so they had a pie eating contest.

Her face!

Jon won.  This time I remembered to drag the prize pie into the fridge.  I always forget and it spoils.

I tried having them use the all-in-one bathrooms but it didn’t work.  Sinks didn’t have an option to wash face either so they’re stuck like that for the time being.

Which made everything they did doubly entertaining.

Really Jon?


I swear I never use any of this stuff so I’m trying to make an effort this time around.  Sometimes I feel like Sims 3 has too much content.  Although, I suppose it wouldn’t be as bad if I didn’t have an addiction to shopping at the store.

Their faces were so funny!

And then it was the full moon.  Jon spied the zombie and immediately headed home.

I completely forgot that Sir Dancealot had come along!

Neve and Kyris headed to the graveyard…

And the game wouldn’t save!  This is what happens when you have an error 12.  You have to delete the .bad files.  Which, incidentally, were the recent ones.

We started over, pie contest, matchmaker… all of it.

This time they had wishes to get face painting.  And look!  It took off the berry stains.

Neve tried out this love meter thing while waiting her turn.


Umm… that looks goofy.

Awe.  She’s so darned pretty!

Everything else was exactly the same so I didn’t bother screenshotting it.  Neve and Kyris actually made it into the catacombs this time.  Kyris came out waaay before her and fished.  No gnomes sadly.

Remember Andres?  LOL!  Yes, he’d spent the entire day visiting the matchmaker over and over again.  Well, I’d forgotten him at some point at the end of the day and found him here chatting with that guy he’d wanted to group up with a few days before this that passed out, Clinton Meeks.

I know that at one point he had been at the very top of the attraction list but I’d gotten bored and quit looking at some point so I don’t actually know if he was beat out by someone else.  But, Andres did have this…

Which is how I usually judge in Sims 3.  But since I wasn’t 100% positive it was him he found attractive in a crowd of sims I had him bring him along to a bar he needed to order a drink at.

There were two other sims inside so I had him check just to make sure.  I have no idea why I’m so weird about this with him?  Maybe because I’m so attached.

Anyway, they had a drink and he flirted a few times but his needs were shot so he went home…

Poor Andres.

Mmm… pie.  I suppose they figured after all of that blackberry pie nobody would want more so they gave them key lime.

Chapter 30 coming soon!

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