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House 001 Chapter 4

As mentioned in chapter 001.3, I’ll be doing Drifter as more of a bi-yearly review after the little beginning bit is over.  This way I have one save I can play ahead.  And I have.  I’m actually at the end of spring at the moment so watch for another of these very soon.  We left off with Alvetta moving in with Neo.  The next day he proposed.

She said yes and I ended up discovering that there is a big empty area at the top of the Von Haunt Estate mansion.  So, I renovated it into a wedding venue.  I didn’t want to waste the §1,000 on a wedding so they just had a black and white party.

There are a lot more pics on Tumblr.  As I mentioned, this is a review.  A congratulatory hug from sister Febe.

Chatting with his brother Brock and their mom Rayven.

And Alvetta chatted with them all as well.

After the party was over they had a bit of fun in the bathroom closet.

And our heir was on the way.  Expect a lot of walls-down shots of this tiny bathroom.  It ends up being a half bath eventually.

Neo’s dad, Cade, visited and Neo shared the good news.

And then Brock got to hear about the baby arriving soon as well.  The easel was purchased because Alvetta is in the painting career.  The hope was that she would paint autonomously with the inspirational aura.

She didn’t.  She tortured me by spending half the day staring at it instead.

Seriously.  Now, if I click on the easel there is no view option…

So what is she doing???

Bad timing bro.

I try to get at least Neo’s holidays completed.  This one was hilarious.  I didn’t notice any walkbys fighting, unfortunately.

Oberon wonders what is this?

This, my boy, is for our wee little heir.  She is named Cricket.  I thought it would be funny to go with an insect name theme.  In Drifter II, I did herbs.  Because she’ll be doing the nature aspiration.

Neo is a great parent.  Alvetta is not.  I could use the fact that she’s uncontrollable as an excuse but I’ve had wonderful uncontrollable parents in the past.

The lot value at her birth §20k to go!

Uncle Brock and grandma Rayven stopped by and met the little one.

Neo’s aunt and uncle, his father’s siblings passed away.

It was so sad.  Also sad was the state of the family graveyard.

Brock married Lena, who brought her cat Elvis to join his cat Flash.  They were moved into Drifter II house 001 in Windenburg.

And Febe married Edwardo who brought his little dog Apollo.  They were moved into Drifter II house 002 also in Windenburg.

On a mysterious weather day, Neo saw his first snow.

Cade got to meet his granddaughter.

Random dude got struck by lightning.

A random woman got struck by lightning as well.  I wasn’t expecting it so didn’t pause quick enough.  (I’m not exactly sure where this should be time-line wise so I put it here with the other.)

I rebuilt the house.  I just wasn’t feeling it with the other one.  Later, when he visited Brock’s house I realized it was almost the exact same design as my Drifter II house 001!

Oberon enjoys running the neighborhood which I didn’t realize that dogs would do.  He often finds Brock and/or Febe.

Cricket aged up and rolled the angelic trait.  And she was.  Look how adorable she is!

She had a quick bond with Oberon.

They were often found together.

Oberon gets his daily quick walk which keeps him happy.  Seeing Febe walking her tiny dog Apollo cracked me up.

The triplet’s parents died and I decided it’s time to build them a graveyard.  I found a really cool one on the gallery Willow Creek Cemetary by KaileeH01 but when I went to place it I realized that bulldozing would remove the graves.  So, I moved someone into the lot and then realized that if I put graves into a family inventory I’d have to sort them all by generation all over again!  So, I took a bunch of pics of the original build and rebuilt it the best I could.

Rayven and Cade’s graves are in the center since they are the ones who brought the two family lines together.  I’m not really sure how to place the graves from here on out.

It might sound strange that I was upset when they passed away since, technically, I never played them beyond when Rayven was a baby.  I really enjoyed having them around.

I also absolutely love having a family this time from the start.

A/N: I realized when looking over the outtakes album that this part is confusing.  They got the calls that his parents had died.  But when I went to get their graves to move them they weren’t there.  I had to go back to an earlier save twice before realizing that the physical graves won’t be there unless it’s marked as a played household!  So then you’ll see pics of his brother and sister’s houses because I’d tried moving the parents in with them… but they weren’t marked as played.  Then, to add to the confusion I have pics of this day in the old graveyard.  They were actually still there when I exited build mode after changing it so I just took new ones.  Sorry for the confusion if you look at the album!

Another mysterious weather day.

Alvetta puts a new meaning to singing in the rain.  I ended up turning off autonomous singing in MC Tuner because when she wasn’t staring at the easel she was singing and it really grated on my nerves.  She came to us with a really high singing skill.

Oberon standing sentinel over his little one.  And as you can (sort of) see they have an actual kitchen now.

Although, Cricket was sleeping in what will someday be the dining nook.

Poor Neo slept really strange hours, as most parents do since I was constantly waking him up to wrangle his toddler.

The easel staring continues.  But hey you can get a better look at the kitchen in this pic.

Febe was pregnant and I realized I definitely had an issue with the pregnancy mod because she looked gigantic!

This was Spooky Day!  Mischief spirit.  He also had a bunch of trick or treaters but I didn’t want to pick just a few screenshots since all the kids looked really cute.

Alvetta finally notices she has a daughter.  This is their basement bedroom which also contained the shower until they could expand and add a second bathroom.

Speaking of bathrooms!

Someone is constantly lurking at the door.  If he’s not busy or sleeping he invites them in but otherwise, I just send them away.  This time it was Lena and I decided she needs a baby too!

And while we’re at it…

Baby number two is on its way!

If you’re interested in the pics not used in the chapter.

(There are a lot.  They aren’t in order.  It took so long moving them from Flickr I didn’t have the energy.)

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