TS3→ SNAFU Apocalypse 3.8: There’s a Meteor

Generation 3 Chapter 8

Here we are again.  At this dilapidated refugee camp cough resort.  I loathe this place.  The question is what will Xerie do with her time when it finally gets a 5-star rating?

One thing that never makes me sad or groan from annoyance starting up this save are the pets!

Or the ghost pets.  And look!  My favorite glitch ghost-style!

Wow!  One handed!

Ohhh floating PB&J!

Maybe she just wanted to take her aggression out on the food she can’t eat?

Okay so here’s the deal.  I’ve already mentioned this in the most recent Gnome Crazy chapter but when I switched back and forth between the two saves with such different age lengths it messed up the aging big time.  In one of the attempts to fix it in this save I took out all the Nraas mods.  Well, I’d saved.  And when I started back up NONE of my settings were there.  Not just the Story Progression ones… all of them!  So, I was forced to go back to a save from before Davan and Ingain aged to elders.  By the time I got it running finally, I was so frustrated, I never gave them makeovers this time.  I was also trying to get in a few more attempts at a masterpiece painting of Breeyo so Davan was bio-boosting Ingain.

Awe stinky elder love.  Such romance.

To add to my frustration, the hottie desk clerk seems to have disappeared completely!  I had to hire another.  sigh

She ended up needing to sleep after all but once she woke up Ingain started back up on that portrait.


And this one doesn’t have a green stink cloud surrounding Breeyo in it!

There was a meteor…

Ingain: There’s a meteor!

Davan: I don’t see a meteor.  I have no idea what you’re talking about.  I’m going inside.

Random people also see the meteor.

A horrible terrible mother takes her baby for a closer look after it lands.

Oh.  And there was another.

Many.  There were many meteors.

No!  Don’t run towards the meteors, Ervin!  Breeyo kinda needs her husband and I was hoping you could move in soon!

Insane laughter.

Noooo not the gnomes!!!

Yes, that’s right, extinguish the gnomes!

The crowd stands in shock.  Grim cackles.

Several people faint!

Oh.  Ingain, were you still outside?  Hmm.

Ervin calls Breeyo to make sure she’s okay… after he woke from fainting.

It seems we have a spare ghost.  Silly sims what were you all doing running toward the meteors?!

Whew!  The gnomes all survived unscathed!

Hey, what’s up, guys?  Having fun in here?  Light show out back is over.  Sorry, Ingain never returned inside.  Hmm.  Okay then.

Ivan knows how it is.  He laughs asking Davan what his plans are before he haunts one of the gems on the wall shelves.

This could be awhile.

Several sim hours later.  I’m not exactly sure what that skin color even is?  Looks kind of like a vampire color or maybe it has a touch violet?  I guess we’ll see when she ages up.

Hey grandpa!  You’re a great-grandpa!  No?  Okay then.  Read your book.

I’m not actually sure if I’m allowed to pick up these rocks.  They’re technically outside of the 10×10 area.  What’s the worse that can happen?  Alien abductions?  I mean… they’re aliens!


Davan!  That’s just cruel.  And sorry dude there’s no way you’re getting re-married.

Umm… what?  Her mood is low because she needs to scratch!

I’m thinking 4… if I remember the pre-planning correctly.  Or maybe it was 3?

The game seems to have caught on to my weird naming scheme in this save.  I kept it.

Chapter 3.9 coming soon!

Chapter note: I know this isn’t long and it’s a really strange chapter but between all the problems I’m suddenly having in this and the Gnome Crazy save and how extremely stressful the meteor scenario was I had no energy left to play.  Plus, I plan to immediately whisk Breeyo and Laniek off to China now that she’s no longer pregnant.  

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