TS4→ Robinson Legacy 4.8: Catastrophe

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 4 Chapter 8
Score 59

She’s such a cutie.

You’ve got an aspiration to work on, missy!

Now we just have to wait for Brynn to age up!

Oh gosh, what is it now?

This looked so cool.

Less stories to yourself and more drawing, please.

I found these in the inventory.

They only sell for §475 after they’re planted.  I’m sure Liza won’t mind.

I don’t think she likes the sound of that.

More grinding thinking skill.

More planting cowberries.

Pay no mind to your great-grandpa with a fish swimming in him.

You either Brynn.

Are you still out here?

Kellie finally got another promotion.  She’s level 9 Criminal Boss now.  She can search for bank blueprints.  It didn’t work.

Thanks, Gabriel.

Someone’s upset that she can’t play the violin well.

PJ Date…

One excellent drink and meal served to your date?  Check!  We finally got another legacy point!  It’s been ages.

She seems happier with her violin playing now.

Blocks.  Joy.  I’m really ready for her to age up.

Don’t want to draw 5 pictures?  Sorry.

What the?  You stopped to look at the snow?

You stopped to look at the snow?!?

I’m not really surprised.  Sheesh.

This was so cool!  Cassie was passing through the room and I remembered she has max violin so Isabeau asked her to mentor.

Jon haunted as well so you know I had to wake up Liza!

Again?  Maybe I should put it into inventory.

Still working on those 5 pictures.

Cuteness is awake.

I gave them all “lounging around the house” cold weather wear.


More flash cards.

Party time!  Yes, another.  Liza needs that freaking dinner party.

Duke came in and immediately hopped into the bath!

Gulliver!  He must have been in the sauna but dang it’s freezing outside!

Ava’s daughter Shayna newly aged up to child.

My first blizzard!

Which wasn’t really a good thing.

Umm guys?  Cousin Tania is freezing to death out back.


Kellie: What’s happening?  I can’t see two feet in front of me.

Grim:  Is someone speaking to me?  I can’t see you right in front of me.

Kellie: Now that I’ve seen a death here have a death flower.

Grim: Let me hurry and resurrect your cousin so I can get this beautiful flower into a vase and water!

Everyone else at the party: What’s happening?  We can’t see anything!

Tania: OMG What just happened???

Me: You were an idiot and took off your cold weather clothing.

They’re all idiots.

Including my own sims.  Can we just get this party over with, please?

Everyone else was sent home.  I guess Grimmy wasn’t in that much of a hurry to put that flower into water after-all.

Everyone was tired.  They kept trying to go to bed!

Immediately upon aging up, she had to walk outside to see the snow.  What’s that sparkling?

Oh.  Have fun, Heaven.

The aliens sure do like this family.

Yay, they’re both children!  If you didn’t know, Brynn won the heir poll.  I closed it already since it’s been going for months.

Everyone else goes to bed and Isabeau gets back to her drawings.

Well done!  She’s on Social Butterfly now.


I ended up getting so frustrated after the whole death thing that I quit for a few hours.  Why?  Because I realized that hardly any of them were wearing cold weather clothing!  So I was frantically changing them all into it with MC Dresser.  When I restarted the game they were all in it.  So I guess that’s the trick.

Before and after selling the cowplants.

This is awesome.  It takes no time at all!


Trey’s wife.

Kellie maxed logic.

Heaven’s freelance jobs crack me up!

So cute!

So cool!


Moose maxed Charisma.

Despite the chaos, Liza did complete the aspiration during the dinner party earning another legacy point for completing both food aspirations in one generation.

Moose baked a cake… then ate it.

Kellie finally got to see a death and completed her aspiration as well!

I’m amazed.  That was a catastrophe.

Boys for Brynn…

Okay, so now that we know Brynn is the heir I’d like to try and get 10 teenage boys to put into the save for her to meet and possibly have babies with when she ages to YA.  She’ll be doing Serial Romantic first and then Soulmate.  Ten kids in one generation should be… interesting.  Upload to the gallery under #BoysforBrynn.  I have 5 already from Twitter peeps so if I get more than 10 I may have a poll!  (I love polls!)

Chapter 4.9

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