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House 001 Chapter 6

Summer & Fall

Awe, what a team!

I think someone wanted attention.

Aunt Febe always quick to give hugs.  After Cricket moved out I realized that their relationship was so high they could become best friends!  She must have been lurking at the door before the party.

El Macho and Sadie zero’d in on the food.

Everyone else… did not.  I’ve started turning the refrigerator around at parties.

Make a wish!

Ah, classic teen.

Teen with dad selfie.

Another hug from aunt Febe.

Now, Bee, you have your own room.  Typical kid, always wishing to be older.  I was really pleased with how both of their bedrooms came out.

Pillar is added to the list of sims that Oberon seeks out when they’re nearby.

Ant came home from school with them and Cricket was in a terrible mood.

Seriously?  You have a bed.

Mom joins her.

Freaking teens!

Not you too!  Dad was trying to get Cricket to re-focus her emotions on something else.

They were all being idiots.  Their fun was low as well so they’d wake from passing out and go to a fun activity until they passed out again.



I’m really out of practice with uncontrollable sims.  I remembered that he can take Bee to bed.  Cricket, on the other hand, would not go to bed when influenced to sleep.  Eventually, he had to force her which took a big hit on their relationship.

First Cricket…

Then Bee woke filthy, took showers, and shockingly went back to sleep!

Neo: I’m going to kill them!

Me: Not if I get there first!

Brock: Don’t worry, I won’t let them kill you.

Put on your freaking hot weather clothing if you’re hot!

They went to the spice festival…

They didn’t stay long.  Again, most of them were miserable.

There ya go!  Family bonding.

This was actually voluntary.

Just drink it!

The reward for painting like 12 hours straight… a pool!  I was thrilled to see that Oberon wasn’t afraid.

Really though, y’all have your own homes you know.

Sister hugs.

First masterpiece.

You WILL use that pool!

I don’t think they minded being forced.  Frustratingly there is no option to invite a child to swim!  So Bee rarely used it before she aged up. (Note from the future: I did eventually find a way in house 003 but I can’t remember how to add it here.)

Cricket’s first snow.  Get used to it Cricket.  You have no idea what real snow is like yet.

Wow!  I was really excited…

I spent it all on completing the kitchen.  Back to painting, Neo!

I don’t think their bedroom was quite finished at this point.  It was actually the most difficult room in the house.

Oberon: What’s this?

A little sisterly bonding.

Liberty Lee was part of one of the Drifter houses that I’d added and she was pregnant with this boy.  Originally, I’d planned to set him up with Bee but realized later that he’s much older.

Cracked me up!

I was really surprised that they won’t autonomously mess with the gnomes.  It’s a shame.

Lifeguard duty.

When inviting the rest of the family over I found that Febe’s family’s dog Sadie had passed on.

El Macho was still going strong though.

Make a wish Bee!

Pic with dad.

Cricket must have been in another mood.  She was a miserable teen.

Wait, what?

Oh!  The aging of unplayed sims is really annoying to me.  She wasn’t born when Bee was, Ant was.  She was born like halfway between Cricket and Bee.

Okay so maybe the pool isn’t big enough for this.

This interaction cracks me up.  Especially when everyone is right there.

I’d roll my eyes over them eating on the couches instead of the nice dining table but really this is something my own family would do so what can I say.

When going into manage households to make a new pet for Febe’s family I discovered that almost every pet in the save had passed away.  I must have had pet pregnancies way too low in MCCC.  Anyway, here is their new weird dog.

Look how happy random sim looks with her new bulldog!

They’ve gotten so skinny from swimming in the pool so much!  It’s crazy.  I think he was urging her to take care of one of her needs.  I swear most of the Parenthood interactions must have been made with uncontrollable sims in mind.

Almost there!

I couldn’t decide if this was cheating or not.  I mean, I can control them to change their outfits so why not a costume outfit?  Regardless, I’ll cheat if it is because it was fun.

Speaking of skinny.  Pillar is scary skinny.  I wish I could change walkbys into costumes.

I went all out decorating.  Also, aren’t the snails glorious?

I bought a treat bowl and when a teen walked right into their house to grab a candy I realized that they don’t actually have to hand it out.

And it has the added bonus of being hilarious!

Needless to say, I paid more attention to the trick-or-treaters than the family.

Until I realized that Cricket was really close to getting the trait for emotional control.

I’m like ohmygosh what can I do to make her upset?  LOL!  So, I had Neo claim to be a criminal mastermind.  That one almost always makes sims upset.

Umm… too upset.

Geeze.  Dad scolded her and that got some emotional control but not nearly enough.  Oh well.

See?  He should be Bee’s age!

It’s the big day!  They don’t seem very confident about it.

Not at all.  She was cooking for the first time.  It was that skill holiday and she actually got a whole cooking point!

I had dad and mom take a picture for her to hang on her wall… when she gets one.

Someone is happy with his weird dog.

Very happy.  Nogat, I think his name is?  If I’d realized I was going to add him to this family I’d have given him an easier name.

I’m not sure Alvetta is convincing Cricket that she’s going to do great on her own.

I’m thrilled that I picked the right spouses for both Febe and Brock.  Hopefully, I can do the same for Bee, Pillar, and Ant.

I really need to make note of what time these pop-up.  They waited most of the day!

Time for the long-awaited birthday.

Isn’t she gorgeous?  A pic with dad.


And sis.  Then I saved them all to a room to my library.  I’m allowed to take them with me but have to take the cost out of what she earns before anything else and I don’t want to risk needing that money badly.  It’s not like she’ll have a wall to hang them on anyway!

A tight hug for dad.

She’ll be okay Neo.

I hope.

In the end, I decided to wait to move Oberon with her.  Especially since it was the first day of winter.

House tour…

If you’re interested in the house it’s on the gallery under Neo Abode.

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If you’re interested in the pics not used in the chapter.

(There are a lot.  They aren’t in order.  It took so long moving them from Flickr I didn’t have the energy.)

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