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Generation 4 Chapter 9

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As you may remember, Heaven was abducted immediately following Brynn’s birthday party.  I’m amazed she was able to walk to bed.

Ghostly cleaning crew.

Watching a puppet show.

A bit of chess with grandpa.

I’d meant for them to decorate the tree the day before but everything was such chaos.

I really love the presents interaction.  I especially love that they all have very different reactions.

Back to the grind.

Look at her face!  It was hilarious!  Her wife sent her a floppy bunny gnome.  I’m not sure if the face is because of the present or the fact that it was mailed instead of hand delivered.

I was taking this pic and noticed that a certain someone is by the fireplace.

More presents?

They were all starving.  Pull up a chair santa.

A few of them got a chance to ask for a present.  I decided to ignore the pile under the tree.

See ya!

More chess.

Gabriel looks saddened by the violin playing.

Nothing like having your dad walk in on a private moment.

A little sisterly bonding time.

This is Liz Baggett.  She’s the daughter of one of Liza’s ghost boyfriend Jon’s younger twin sisters.

Liza had to go say hello and tell Liz she knows her great uncle.

Ava’s daughter Shayna came home after school with them too.  She is so cute!

Brynn needed to have someone read to her for 2 hours.  I hate that task.  It never works.  I have to queue it over and over again.  Anyway, at some point, I’d given Moose the Big Happy Family aspiration so it was a task for him as well.

I decided that Shayna would be a good best friend for Isabeau.

Why the heck are you eating spoiled food?

Still working on the best friend thing.  I’m pretty sure everyone else was in bed.

Well, until I saw Jon was out and about.

Finally!  Sorry, Shayna… you can go home now.

Liza tells Jon all about his great niece.

It’s strange to think that he’s her grandfather.  Also, I have no idea why they’re in the girl’s room.

They finally finished this!

Liza was sad to see Jon go.

I suppose she wanted to be with him?

Hi Grim.

Awe!  Even the maid is sad.  Kellie was calling the sadness hotline.

I know.  It sucks but as the many notifications have warned us… your time is soon.

Isabeau was freaked out.

Wow really?

Brynn: This is good chili.  Is something happening?

The little girl is Jon’s twin brother Javier’s granddaughter, Dakota.

Bad day to visit, Dakota.

Poor Moose had been at work.

He has a really close bond with Brynn and was quick to comfort her.

Although, Isabeau wasn’t dealing well either.  Two deaths in one day!

Oh.  I forgot I planted you.

I hate death.  I can totally understand why so many simmers turn off aging.

Brynn needed to complete homework while focused.  Since there’s a focusing aura in this office I thought it was enough to overcome the sadness.  It wasn’t.  I really like having that little desk in here though.

That giant bow looks ridiculous.

Moose was not taking the loss very well.  Maybe he had a chat with Baylee’s mom Cassie?  I didn’t see.

Because soon after, Moose left us as well.  He’d locked the door.  Didn’t want the family crowding around and causing them more pain.

I thought that the graveyard was complete but you’ll see in the next chapter that there will be new additions.  Good ones to be sure.  Nothing upsetting.

Why does everyone keep insisting on reading out here in the cold?

The girls came home miserable from scouts.

Ah man!  Not again!


None of this happened…

Yes, none of that in those last few screenshots happened.  I’d been hearing a noise.  A buzzing and I’d thought it was the robot vacuum.  I’d turned it off completely but then Isabeau spent most of the night playing violin here.  Where I later learned the noise was coming from.  I suddenly became obsessed and somehow, in my obsession, I must have forgotten to save.  The next time that I started back up the girls had just gotten home from scouts.  In an attempt to identify the noise I posted these videos on Twitter…

I’d torn apart the bathroom next to Isabeau but the noise wouldn’t go away…

I bulldozed the lot but it was still there!

I went into my Drifter save to the same lot and it was there as well.  As you’re probably aware by now, I hate this lot and so when people kept suggesting that I move the house since, when moving it, the noise was gone I didn’t take much convincing.  Although, I did find a few mentions on the forums about the noise being caused by the talking toilets.  Regardless, next time I played they moved.

The actual extras…

The mail lady decided to make herself at home.  Literally.  She walked through the house to the mailbox!

This wasn’t as much of an annoyance before but now it’s freezing outside.

So funny that they both got such similar books linked to Hunger Games.

Someone likes Heaven more.

You’re the one who keeps insisting on reading outside in a blizzard!

Ava’s son.

Old age.  I couldn’t believe it.  She died at Jon’s grave.  Kinda romantic.


Jon’s twin brother died.

She’s a sweetie.

I really need to do this sometime to see what happens!

Didn’t happen but still…

I wanted to share it so you can see the difference in the next chapter.

I spotted Trey’s daughter Tania walking her dog.

Chapter notes:

I realize this is a weird chapter.  I tried not to focus too much on all of the deaths.  Baylee and Moose have been my favorite Robinson couple thus far and now in hindsight, I think I obsessed over the noise more than I normally would because I was upset.  Moose did have a few more days according to MCCC probably because he was such a fitness nut but he was so sad and I felt like he’d want to spare the family more grief.  No review this chapter.  Especially since I lost like 12 sim hours.  I’m shocked that I didn’t save but it is what it is.

Chapter 4.10

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