TS4→ Drifter Reboot 002.1: Like Hell Froze Over

House 002 Chapter 1

A/N: This is Winter and (I think) the 1st day of spring.  I decided to split them up but wanted to end on a high note so I stuck the extra day in here.

Here we are.  No money, no home, no food.  Just a bench to sleep on.  There weren’t even any collectibles spawned yet.  Oh, and it was the first day of winter.

Finally!  She quickly ran around getting the collectibles.  She was really hungry by then.

I wasted §200 on packs of winter seeds.  They both contained nothing but potatoes.  Which couldn’t even be planted!

Oh yea, she’s all set up now.  She got a job in the Gardener career.  I usually don’t do careers but in this case, there was absolutely nothing she could do on her lot once she got all that days collectibles!

Welcome wagon showed up.  To the empty lot.

Same mail lady that’s been coming to her dad’s house from the start.  Scratch that off the list.

It was nice seeing everyone.

No clue what they’re looking at.  Also, I haven’t any idea who that bald guy is!

sigh Scratch off the pizza delivery.

Mom must have been working during the Welcome Wagon.  She showed up that evening for a chat.

Inside where though?

Blizzard.  Joy.

And there goes collecting.  She would shuffle a step or two, stop to look in front of her, slip and fall, and on and on.

I decided that the best plan was to get her gardening up for her job.  Might as well keep her in it later since it’s a work-at-home one.

Sims are so weird.

Oh!  Teen love perhaps?  I made note of the boy’s name.

She got through about half of the gathering round before it started heavy snowing again.  Oi!  Dog!  That’s my dig pile!

Run inside?  There is no inside!  And how can you run now when you couldn’t see in front of yourself a few seconds ago?

Winterfest wasn’t much fun.  At least father winter showed up.  Sort of.

Okay so I saw him slowly making his way toward the mailbox and she was at the back of the lot so I told her to make her way there as well.  It took so many sim hours that by the time she introduced herself she barely had time to ask for a present before he left!  It was a cheap metal.  sigh

She finally got to escape the snow for a while.  It was night on the town (free food) and she had enough funds saved up to travel.  It goes to show how flustered I was that I didn’t spend some of that money building her some sort of shelter.

Oh, yea dad I’m doing great!  (LOL)

Enjoy your food everyone.  Notice the waitress rolling her eyes.  Enjoy your free food.

I decided a dance party was in order.  Perhaps she could meet someone.  There was a DJ…

Her friend, the Lee boy, was like what the heck you do know I’m single right?  If only it were that easy!  (Note from the future: This is something you’ll want to remember for house 004!)

And here is where I rage-quit.  It was the day of the Spice Festival and I was putting all of my hope into her meeting someone there but nobody called her.  And she wouldn’t read her gardening book!  She kept stopping to shovel the stupid snow.

Of course, to make me look like a total idiot this popped up immediately upon starting up the game next.

I have no clue why it was so dark in here.  She met this guy first.

Really good traits but as you’ll see later he was kinda odd looking.

No luck with vendors.  They were all elders.

She met this person.  I’m not sure if they were male or female.  I don’t think male sims have such high pitched voices.

I suppose she should spend some time with aunt Febe since she invited her here!  Her goal was to eat with chopsticks.

The shift at the karaoke place changed and this guy came in.  At some point, the lights came on too.  So weird.  Anyway, I saw him and thought score!  (Again, make note of him but for house 003 this time)

Evil?  Are you kidding me?!?  Now, Kellie Robinson is both evil and mean and she’s always been good with the kids.  The problem with this in comparison is that she is also controllable.  Remembering how horrible my Whim Challenge heir was to her kids and how the house 004 alien constantly yelled at the heir last time I just couldn’t do it.

These are our options?

There was actually one more bartender shift and so she slept on the bench until they showed up to work.  It was a girl.  Oh well.

In case you think I’m exaggerating about Randy-with-the-great-traits odd body shape.

If you’re thinking oh he’s just thin or needs more muscle.

I know what you’re thinking.  I was thinking it too.  After opening the game again I noticed that she had quite a bit saved up.  Which begs to question… why was she sleeping outside?

So here’s the inside.  Nothing special but surely better than being in the cold.  She still constantly wanted to shovel snow though.

I gave the DJ a haircut and decent clothing.  I couldn’t remember for the life of me why I’d written him off the first time.  I need to make notes for myself or something!

It was New Years.  Time’s ticking!

He seemed into the flirting at first.

And then suddenly he wasn’t.  I figured maybe they needed to be friends first and had them cloudgaze.  When that didn’t work she asked him to leave.  Maybe he’s just having a bad day.

She had to gift produce for her job.  Finally, those potatoes had a use.

It was Drifter Day.  Yay family ghosts!

So cool.  I think I’m the only simmer who actually really likes this.

Lunch with the family before heading to the graveyard.

I was confused about why Brock was in here.  I think they ended up with more than 8 actually.  Big families come with their own difficulties.

Off to the graveyard to chat with the original Brock and Febe.

I wonder if Febe is ever happy?  Last we saw her she was angry.

When she got home she invited the DJ guy over again.  He seemed in a good mood.

What the heck man?  Okay, let’s just scratch him off the teeny tiny list of potential spouses.

And then, with the arrival of these pups, we found salvation!

C’mon, how could I not want to get a closer look!

And here my friends is the man!  Out of nowhere.  Completely unplanned for.  I’d actually only called to adopt those dogs to give to her family as recompense for taking Oberon from them.  The agent hadn’t even occurred to me!

And those traits!  We can work around vegetarian to avoid evilness.

Haha!  Sorry, Oberon but don’t worry he won’t be here long.

I’d actually had the thought after Alvetta had moved in with Neo that I should have done a test with her and Oberon first.  Obviously, Justin passed the test.  Yes, I renamed him later.

Adoption one…

And two.  I hadn’t planned to adopt both but they were cute.

And then Cricket started to act sick.


At least she got some money to keep quiet about it.

It really wasn’t worth it.  I’ve never seen a sim with food sickness so… sick.

Justin was renamed and given some new clothes then invited over.

I figured there’s no point if he’s not into her.  The rejection of the DJ still stung.

A shared look between Cricket and Oberon.  Yes, he is the one.

First kiss.

First woohoo.

Boyfriend selfie.

Might as well move in so we can try for a baby while we’re at it.

Baby on the way!

Yes, he was worth the wait.


I renamed JD Floof.  I later gave him a different shirt.

I noticed that El Macho is now an elder and merged someone else’s cat in to breed with him.

Yay for a kitten!  I think it’s name is Sherbert.

The DJ got married.  I was so confused because I had YA marriage turned off.

And that’s when it finally occurred to me why I’d written him off the first day.  He’s an adult!

Justin didn’t come to us with any impressive skills.


We kinda skipped a step.  She really needs to get moving on having the heir!

Word travels fast!

Chapter notes: I’ve decided to combine both the Winter & Spring extra pics into one Flickr album so I’ll have that linked in the next chapter.

Chapter 002.2

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