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House 002 Chapter 2

You can see why I liked Justin from the start.

The snow finally melted.  It actually snowed the first 2 days of spring as well.


Going for Jokesters.

Maybe not Justin.

No worries.  He did wake up to chat with his in-laws.

I saw Ant with this girl but forgot to note her name.

Elder love.

She’s positively glowing… literally.

A chat with sis.

Jokesters won!


It’s so funny how they all watch.

This would have been more romantic if a bunch of people didn’t crowd into the area as soon as I queued the interaction.


Look!  How exciting she can actually plant things and get her gardening skill somewhere other than a skill book.

Oberon Zeros in on the new items.

Thanks to that AoE watering I have to separate the plants to get credit for 10 watered plants for Freelance Botanist.


Oberon out and about again.

Baby soon?

Bee: You see him looking at me right?  You see him?  He’s the one I want.  Make note puppetmaster!

Me: Wait, Callery?

He’s the twin brother of the one Pillar picked!!!

He didn’t dig that up.  He sat by it.  Good boy?

He would not stop reading so I thought maybe a skill book?

I like that they can chat with the pets while eating.  Multitasking that may be better than watching TV while eating.  And y’all know how much I like that one.

Such love.

Baby incoming?  No.

She can analyze a plant this way.

But this is what it wanted her to do!  Sheesh.


Okay so, I’m a bad puppetmaster.  I let her needs go knowing she’d be going into labor soon since she’s going to the hospital.  I didn’t expect her to pass out the moment she went into labor though!

Justin: I think I might feel a bit of pain as well.

Cricket: What’s happening?

Doctor: I don’t know!  I’ve never done this before!

A girl!

I dub thee Blenny.  One of my favorite fishies when we had a fish tank.

Cricket may just be feeling a bit left out.

No worries Cricket.  They’re both crazy about you!

They both got a YA makeover… and a husband!

And the daddy/daughter bond begins.

Cricket got a cowberry for her promotion.  I put it on the ground outside and Justin immediately planted it!

Normally I’d be thrilled but I kinda need to get Cricket’s gardening up.

Oh!  It’s that girl again!

Feels like it’s been forever since we’ve seen family.

Pillar finally gets to meet Justin.

And we get to meet her new hubby, Marcus.

This was actually my Drifter II house 002.

So nice getting out.

Bee called Cricket while they were there.  Cracked me up!

Edwardo wasn’t there at first so he must have a job.

I gave both Pillar and Bee’s husbands the Dog Lover trait when I aged them up in CAS.  Ant’s wife got Cat Lover.


I noted that Nogut is getting old already so used another funny looking dog from another household to breed with him.  I think her name is Ducky?

Taking the weird dog for a walk?

Don’t worry he’ll figure it out.  He always does.

Really Justin… Cricket needs to do that.

Love Day flowers…

So sweet!  I love how they always reciprocate.

Love Day date.

Once the date was over I’d planned to start an event and invite the family.  But, Cricket was way too tired.

Oddly, almost all of them were on the grounds.  Perhaps they suspected?  So she invited the other few and had them all come up to the roof.  Just a quickie wedding but better than eloping…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

She invited her parents back with them to meet Blenny.

Oh.  I forgot she was still tired.

Dad to the rescue.  He figures it out eventually.

Nice peaceful moment.

Then Oberon ran out the door, past Bee’s new hubby…

To say hello to Bee who was out walking the new dog Floof.

Then I noticed how beautiful the sky is!

Mom and dad got an upstairs bedroom.  I ran out of money.  I tried doing something to make it look less horrendous but no luck.

What the?

Through the wall while cooking?  My sims have mad skills.

Puppy love.

Other people probably hate the dogs doing this but I absolutely adore it.

Cricket: I’ve barely gotten to hold my own infant!

A cuddle before aging her up.  Justin’s Parenting skill was twice hers at this point.

How adorable is she?!?

Already impressing Oberon.  I feel like having him around is adding so much to this challenge/legacy.

Synchronized sleeping.

Everyone seems to get sick so often lately.

Mommy hugs.

You think that’s cute?

Double the cuteness just by the presence of a baby cowplant.

Awe!  I’d bred him in CAS before this but I don’t see the pics.  It feels to me like they die way too fast.

Maybe jogging will make you like not sick or something.

Seems their house has now taken over as grand central station.  Umm Bee?  I’m sure your dad knows your pregnant.  It’s kinda hard to miss and he lives with you.

See?  Ant and Pillar are here now.

And I realized that the gigantic half wall was a horrible idea.

So sweet.

After the crew left we did some family potty training.

Justin found a new obsession.  I keep hoping he’ll find some microscope slides I can sell but I don’t think he uses it for a long enough period for that.

So sweet.  Now, do you see what I was talking about in the last house?  There are some awesome autonomous parents!  Summer tomorrow so this is the end of this update.

And that’s everyone happily (I hope) married!

Chapter 002.3

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