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Generation 4 Chapter 10

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As mentioned in the previous chapter, the family “moved” to the other 64×64 lot in Windenburg.  I’ll admit, I’ll miss this view.

Confused?  Remember seeing a dead cowplant at the end of the last chapter?  Well, one good thing about having do replay the half a day that I somehow lost was that he’d not died yet!

New Years… again.

Really, everyone was still grieving all of the deaths in the family.

Isabeau was just a bit more dramatic about it.

The day that did not happen they did the countdown in the living room.  This time it’s the tiny kitchen TV.

I love the fireworks.

A peck on the cheek and then a yawn.  Is the romance gone already?

Bear stage!  In my opinion, the only tolerable stage.

Not you too Elise!

Speaking of ghosts!  Look!  We have some new additions to the family graveyard!  LittleMsSam has a new mod that allows you to retrieve the urn or tombstone of any ghost in the save!  So Nova and Trey were added.

One exciting change with moving the house is that we now have sims that walk by!

Brynn writing out her sad thoughts.

They started a club with some of the other children.

The only reference to the most annoying noise ever that I could find was a forum post and bug report regarding the talking toilets.  So they were replaced by these fancy yet old looking ones.  Kind of like we wanted to take a step back technology-speaking.  I really have no idea if that’s what has been causing it or if it was something to do with my sound card or something but I figured better safe than sorry.

So cute!  I’m so glad that we have Cyrus’s grandchildren/Jon’s nieces around.

Kinda creepy.

Y’all do know this is the exact same house right?

More cuteness outside.  As you may notice I got rid of the toddler area to the side when I was adding the swings.  I decided I really didn’t like the look of it.

They were all going out to the spa.  Weirdos.

Awe hugs from uncle Nico.

I’d wished that Nova’s daughters would have her skintone but they actually look pretty cool with Marvin’s.

This is a much better use of your time than hanging out in the spa.

The club meeting ended when the girls had to go to scouts.  Back home to do their thing.

Sweet.  I think I’ll try to get her the empathy trait.

She was going out into the cold in her bear costume to shovel snow!



Jon?  Wow, we have so many graves now we warrant 3 ghosts a night.

Oddly, I can’t seem to get any arts and crafts progress for her badge by using the little table.

I decided that now that we know we can retrieve her grave when the time comes that I will have Kellie move out with Marcus after all.  Shockingly, she was only a week from an elder.

Though the art table doesn’t work the science table does.

Looks like it’s Ava’s turn to walk the dog.

A little sisterly bonding before school.

This has to be the coolest snowman ever!

So sweet.  I’d kinda expected there to be a rivalry between them but so far they get along great.

Heaven got home from work and Isabeau ran out to greet her.


Do you remember Trixie Six from Nova’s Dating Game?  This is her daughter.

Lots of opportunities to ask about sad or embarrassed moods today.

We even had an angry one.  As you can see back there they hired a caterer.  None of them has much cooking skill and it seemed like a waste of time.

Such talent.  Playing horseshoes while eating.  Watch you don’t freeze to death.

They can’t get a cat or dog but they were allowed a small very weird looking pet.

Apparently, the maid doesn’t pick up laundry.

Isabeau chatting with both of her moms for some charisma skill.  And time with them of course.

And then it happened!  Kellie became The Boss!  I suppose this means we’ll need to make plans for her to start her life on her own now.  I’m actually really sad to see her go.

Moose!  Oh, hey Adan.

Telling stories to the unnamed rodent.

Oh no!

I can’t believe I forgot about their birthday!  I had Heaven bake a cake.  She didn’t seem too sad to have been forgotten.

Adulthood already.  It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long really.


I was sooo thrilled when I saw this description in the mod!

But, the other use of the mod is just as great.  You can look at a list of all of the ghosts in the save and choose which to release.  For example all of the random townies that you’ve never seen once.  Or like in my Drifter save, the 50 or so pets that have died.

Get it?  The Song of the Caged Bird Bear.  The real one is actually one of my all-time favorite songs.


Again.  I couldn’t figure out why it took so long this time and then realized I’d gotten her Night Owl the first time around!

Weird and frightening.  What the heck happened to his arms?


After this I found a mod to stop them doing this.  Not just because it’s annoying but because I don’t want one of my sims freezing to death because of this compulsion.

I agree.

She was on the treadmill for like 2 seconds.  Why are my sims losing weight so quickly?

Almost forgot.  We especially need it for the repairs.

His last name is Bright so I’m wondering if he’s some relative of Jon’s.

So exciting!

Chapter 4.11

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