TS4→ That-Whim-Type-Thing Ch 1: Ugly?

Chapter 1

A/N: I’m just going to say off the bat that this is a goof-off save that I didn’t really intend to publish.  I never expected it to keep my attention.  I’ve started saves like this many times that I play a few times and never go back to.  So we’ll see how long it lasts.  It’s just basically the Whim Challenge with a few tweaks I’m thinking of adding into the rules as alternate options.  I named this Whim-Type-Thing because that’s what the save is called and I thought it was funny.

I was feeling kinda bleh and sometimes I look at the #ugly in the gallery for a laugh.  I saw this one and thought she’s not really ugly, just adorable.  So I got her and tweaked a few things.  Made her features less exaggerated really.  The cool part was that the creator went as far as to give her proper outfits for all the categories which they usually don’t do for that hashtag.

Now, y’all know how much I love weird-looking pets.  So imagine my joy at finding this little bugger!  From the hashtags, it looks like he was just a randomly rolled dog they uploaded to the gallery.

So adorable.  I wasn’t sure where I wanted them to live so this is kind of a before pic.

I finally decided to go with the one and only “silent” apartment in San Myshuno and got it empty.

Then, I went through as per usual and deleted all the pre-mades.  This time I took the time to populate the world with all of the newest creations on the gallery.  Not wanting father winter to end up married with babies all over I merged him in real quick and did all the flags in MCCC to prevent it.  Aubree wanted to make a friend so we took advantage of him being there temporarily.

Aubree wanted to adopt a cat and I was ecstatic to see there was a baby raccoon.  I’ve yet to adopt one!

Awe adorable!  As you can see, I didn’t really plan to publish this beyond a scrapbook on Flickr since the walls are down.  LOL!

Yay!  Queen Cupcake is here to stay.

Just so cute.  I realized after a while that I have a mod that tones down the million whims for pet purchases and started buying stuff as I thought they needed it.

Batdog WTF meet Queen Cupcake the raccoon!

I put an elderly couple with a pregnant teen in the apartment next to them.  This is Harold.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen the wife or their cat.

This is the teen girl, Cora, in the other apartment.  She has a cat too but I haven’t seen it either.  Too bad because by its pic it looks pretty cool.

She kinda blends with the tile.

Distracted by the awesome rainbow!

She wanted to make another friend so downstairs they went.  This girl, Diamante, has blue hair as well so she was chosen.

Queen Cupcake was a big hit.

Just stay and let me be your friend.

I saw a MySims doll, Goth Boy, that I can’t remember seeing before and had her buy it.  We’ll just say that was “my” whim.

Let’s just hope that was a good dog puddle and not a bad one.

And so the mischief whims begin.  I think the first few were because she was playful.

I eventually gave in and got her a toilet and tub since she never got whims for them and needed them.  I used the “want to be playful” whim as a catalyst for the tub though since bubble bath is the easiest way.  Batdog WTF really likes the toilet.

Apparently, since Aubree had spoken to her in the hallway Cora decided this was a free pass to enter the apartment as well.  Aubree originally had the mean trait but when she started being mean to the dog autonomously I said hell no and gave her childish.  Her other traits are hot-headed and non-committal.  I’m rolling her aspiration daily but her bonus trait is Animal Affection.  I love that trait.

It’s good that I’m doing this for the number of whims and not satisfaction points.  10!  And look she had to play the game all the way until stopping.  It took HOURS!


Again, I gave in and got her a bed.  I’m thinking I may need to take out that whim overhaul mod because she doesn’t seem to be getting many basic ones.  Although, it’s making it kind of funny really.

Look at her in that uniform!  I love it!  At first, I was going to roll for her careers.  I figure with the non-commital trait she’ll keep rolling to get new ones.  Truthfully though, she’s making this career so entertaining I don’t know if I really want to now!

Arriving home we find Batdog WTF playing in the puddle.  I think it rained again.  I’m still not sure though if this is a yucky puddle or a rain puddle.

Finally met the other girl, Chloe.  It’s odd, I did a search for #teen figuring I want to get a bunch of different age groups into the save and somehow got a bunch of pregnant girls.  <shrug>

Aubree only wants to eat popcorn.  Morning noon and night its popcorn.  I suppose it’s cheap at least.

How can you look so miserable playing that game with that view?  Also, why are you here?

The pets actually seem to get quite a bit of attention from the other apartment residents.

Haha!  I saw Harold struggling with the trash and it cracked me up.

The apartment came with the quiet and haunted traits and I rolled the cursed trait later.

More playing with Queen Cupcake.

She wanted to chat with someone so I picked this guy at work.

And she wanted to play games.

Did you have that popcorn in your pocket???

Angry stomping lady cracked me up.

I was beginning to think nothing exciting would happen when this guy and someone else got in a fight.

Look at her face!  She is just so funny!  And him… I couldn’t stop laughing and this is something I’ve always thought was goofy about this career.  I’m actually thinking I’d like to keep her in it just because it’s so funny.  Maybe I’ll roll her a new trait to replace the non-committal.

Chapter 2

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