TS4→ That-Whim-Type-Thing Ch 2: On the Beat

Chapter 2

This was almost too easy!  He was the only grey-haired male at the park.

Aha!  You’re going down buster!

I could not stop laughing!!!


Greeted by adorableness.

Somehow she knew that it was snowing and had to go downstairs to look.  She was not happy.

I think it was a mysterious weather day.  I’d rolled her weather preferences.  She likes cold but hates snow.

A mirror was purchased for her to calm down in.

Someone’s grumpy.

Apparently, talking to any of the neighbors gives them permission to roam the apartment… even when she’s sleeping.

Batdog loves the toilet but fears the tub.

She was talking to Chloe most likely being mischievous which she almost always is since she practically always has the whim to increase mischief skill.  Cora showed up acting really weird.  She did this silly bow and stuff.

Seriously?  I think you’re taking this a bit too far.  All there is is popcorn.


What an adorable little raccoon.  She meows though.  I realized later I can change it in CAS.

Make yourselves at home.  Chloe had her baby.  I think it was a boy.  I named it of course but haven’t paid much attention since they don’t seem to leave apartments.

What the heck???  She didn’t pee herself.  No clue.

I believe she was on Nerd Brain this day.  I took her to the library to read the book she’d whimmed for to get away from the neighbors.

I was very confused.  I’d cleaned out the save and replaced it with all the newest gallery sims so why is a premade here?  Then I looked with the show sim info mod and it turns out he’s married to an entirely different woman with different kids!  It’s like a Bjorn from an alternate universe!

Diamante had called wanting to come over.  She invites her out a lot but usually when her needs suck.  Cora does not seem pleased to find Aubree’s attention off of her.


Best friends.

I removed all of the other traditions for Harvest Day and made it Gnome Day.

It’s actually more fun kicking them.

If you let pets play in parts piles long enough they find parts.  An electronic one!  Those are expensive.

Giving a mischievous gift to Harold.  Or was it mean?  Might have been.  I think she was angry.

I’m thinking it was mean since she wanted to write in a journal.  A journal and desk were purchased.

She wanted to travel to Granite Falls because she was on the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration that day.  I don’t really try to do the aspirations but they do get whims based on them.

I was actually pretty excited about this since I haven’t done this part of my Drifter Reboot house 002 yet and have been stressing over the plants with Seasons.

The park ranger seemed startled when a raccoon zoomed out of the cabin past her.  Then I saw the kid in the background…

He had a very long treck.  Poor kid.


But of course, she was tense from the bear’s presence.

And this.  I can’t figure out how she already knew it was toxic chamomile.

I learned we can buy growfruit there.  You can also buy pomegranates as gifts.  Kinda weird if you ask me since the seed packets they come in are §1,000.

Truthfully, I can’t remember what happened here to make her embarrassed.

Found the pets.  So did another little kid who is probably wondering if Queen Cupcake is a wild raccoon.

She wanted to identify a wild plant but apparently, she couldn’t with no herbalism skill so she had to purchase a book.

Cracked me up!!!

The next morning she rolled the Serial Romantic aspiration. She wanted to flirt.  This unsuspecting hiker will do.

He was having none of it.  I saw later that he’s married.

She also still wanted to make herbal remedies.

Back home.  It’s so odd how when she first arrives off the elevator there are random people there that immediately disappear after unpausing.

She’d gone to bed really early so woke up before dawn.  She wanted to fish.  Still getting whims from Outdoor Enthusiast even though she wasn’t on it for two days.

This park is pretty but doesn’t have much in the way of collectibles.

Now, you may think I’m a bit dense but up to this moment, I didn’t realize that the police station and the hospital were in the same world.  Actually, I hadn’t noticed the surrounding area at all.  It’s very pretty.

Another blue haired sim.  It must be very popular.  Aubree is a trendsetter.  The woman looks like she’s about to backhand her!

On the few previous times that I’d tried this career, they only ever got the patrolling task on day one.  It’s always annoyed me.  I was happy to see it there as an option again.

That woman… just yikes.

She’d still had that fossil whim she couldn’t fulfill at the city park.

Seriously?  Did she get a citation for her undress or was the girl uploaded to the gallery like this and I didn’t realize it?  Also, there’s scary lady again.

Off to another crime scene.  They crack me up.

Another sim that had shown up when she got off of the elevator.

Now that she’s gotten a few collectibles she gets whims for them quite often.

Back upstairs and she’s greeted by Batdog this time.

Tense from the ghost haunting that day she vented to her.

I really should have taken video of this.  It was so funny!

So funny I took two pics.

Umm… I kinda forgot a scratching post.



Whoever put this girl on the gallery apparently named her Maja The Killer.  I’m afraid for Levi.

Near the end of my previous Whim Challenge which I did as a legacy, the heir gave birth to triplets.  They had 2 of those names!  So funny.

She had a task to talk to the captain and this is what he said.  Guess he’s actually paid attention to what she’s doing eh?

Chapter 3

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