TS4→ That-Whim-Type-Thing Ch 3: Crime Doesn’t Sleep

Chapter 3

Back to work.  I swear I’ve never liked this career but she makes it so entertaining.

The witnesses, as well as the other officers, were all crowded in this tiny room.

This guy seemed very uncomfortable with the questioning.

Really though, what’s going on here?  I was dying laughing I swear.

No worries.  Aubree is on the case.  Incidentally, none of those are pictures she took.

Not only did she get a promotion but she received all of the implements to create her very own jail.

Queen Cupcake got a spiffy new cat stand thing.

The apartment is looking kinda decorated.  There’s an empty bedroom I suppose the shelves could have been put in but I like seeing them.

Training Batdog to fetch.

So cute.

She was on the Public Enemy aspiration.  I randomly chose this lady for her to fight.  Sorry lady.

The sims standing around gasping are so funny.

As was this.  Time for bed I think.

A/N:  I played this save for the first time in a month and when I went to start writing it I found that I already had the above portion written.  Oops!

We start off the next morning with 2 whole days off of work.  What on earth do we do?

That doesn’t really look like a rage-fueled run.

Where were you hiding that?  Nothing like some bathroom popcorn eh?

Again, what do we do now?

She wanted to tell a group story because it’s the winter season so she gathered these three to regale them with a tale.

The scary lady we’ve seen before.  Towel guy ended up being her landlord of all people!

The little girl was not impressed.

Greeted by Batdog.

It was rebate day and she also wanted to buy a toy.  A toy over §500.00 it is then!

She wanted to plant something.  Some catnip for Queen Cupcake sounded good.

She wasn’t there.  This must have been the roommate.  Aubree didn’t have any whims she could do while there so she left.

She wanted to become energized but she doesn’t have a shower so it was back to a gym.  I noticed the fire alarm there and found it weird.  I like Onyeka’s explanation for why it’s there…

Energizing shower complete.

I forgot there’s a food area up there.

She wanted to dive.


Queen Cupcake waits impatiently for her catnip to grow.

Now that she has some fitness skill, she’s obsessed.  She wanted to power sculpt.  I had to put her new giant penguin TV in the unused bedroom.

Always good to work out with friends.

Although, I think they were both afraid of the new TV.

More popcorn.

She’s really taking this fitness seriously.

She wanted to catch a fish since she loves the outdoors.

Which was quite comical.

Moving on to increasing her comedy skill.  This is the first time she has immediately gotten whims related to her rolled aspiration for that day.

I still have the mod in that I used in Ash Shore that attracts toddlers and pets to the park.  Obviously, this park is ancient so needed some additions.  I cheated her the money to fill all of those pet bowls.

Sorry kid.  I’m not going as far as to build you a shelter from the rain.

Club Cosplay was there.  Aubree tried some jokes on this one who ended up being a vampire.

She was soon joined by others that wanted to hear her hilarious vampire puns.

Gonna try cooking eh?  She doesn’t seem very confident.

Maybe because there’s no food there?

After eating the food that magically reappeared she wanted to fish again.  She’s looking at the pole like it wronged her by not catching anything.

She wanted to take a dog for a walk.  I tried this twice and the whim never fulfilled.

Having fun Queen Cupcake?  Yes?  Carry on.  It is what raccoons do after all!

Inspecting the new addition.

And here I thought I’d never have an occasion to use one of these trees!


Batdog wanted to go potty but for some reason couldn’t get outside so she had to put the leash on and encourage him to do his business.

What on earth?

That lady that she got in a fight with is their mail carrier!

Finally to work.  Yes, she worked on Winterfest.  Crime doesn’t stop for holidays you know.

Wow, I need to change the color on those focusing plumbobs.

Adding one clue after another.

Wishing the chief happy Winterfest.  He was hiding outside by the side of the building.

A present for you!

She couldn’t fathom why he didn’t like the stink bug.

Indeed he didn’t like it so much that he sent her out in a blizzard to catch her crook.

Which took a very long time.

So long that when she’d first gotten to the park she was making her way to this lady to ask her about the criminal.  She had been joined by this man soon after.

Gotta be sure ya know.  I got her the Observant reward trait so she doesn’t have to ask their traits.

It is you!

You’re coming with me buster!  Then, I noticed something in the background…

Seriously?  Why does she have no clothes?  I never get sims with CC from the gallery!

Back at the slammer, Aubree gets the perp from his cell only to notice his disturbing footwear.  What follows is absolutely hilarious…

She got her confession and he… turned into a ghost.  Is this normal?  Do I have some kind of crazy mod I don’t know about???

A bit of comradery with the co-workers after a job well done.

Saving the sim world from criminals is obviously exhausting.

So I was forced to watch her coworkers.  What the heck are you doing woman?  Did she bring a bunch of snow inside to make a snow angel?

Back home it’s time to celebrate Winterfest but this chapter is long enough so you will have to wait!


Chapter 4 coming soon!

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