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House 002 Chapter 3


The house from map view looked horrifying!

My two troublemakers.

I know you want to be near her Oberon but that’s just gross!

Getting lots of blocks help.

Pillar looks adorable pregnant.

Love this family.

The difference between Pillar and Bee’s pregnant bellies is crazy.

I spent forever trying to find a harvestable she could plant that would be a good summer moneymaker.  I finally decided on lilies and after looking it up discovered that they are in Sylvan Glade.

I actually took no pics of her in there.  I high-speeded the whole time while she fished until the lillies were harvestable.

Yes, this is the first time she’d ever fished.

It was the middle of the night and there was nothing she could do until morning so I just kept her there.

Which was apparently a mistake because Blenny was in rough shape when she returned.  I decided not to leave Blenny alone again after this.

Cricket’s own needs were terrible and she had to tend to Blenny first.

Which led to this.

I decided I might as well buy her a moodlet solver and was annoyed to see how many satisfaction points she had and that I could have been using them before this!

I got her out of bed and gave her one.

I was surprised to see her autonomously using the potty.  They usually don’t until level 3.

And then she started throwing a fit.

And I realized that her needs were still terrible and she’d not even used the potty instead stopping to throw the fit!

Funniest work task ever!

At this point, Blenny was just being stubborn.

This lady walked over and started talking to her and I thought what the heck?

Then realized she’s Ant’s new wife.

The mudpuddle led to needing to purchase a bathtub.  I swear I will never leave a toddler alone again like that.  It took most of this day to get her back to normal!

Finally, they were able to make it to the graveyard.  After stopping at her old house I found that Neo’s grave wasn’t there!  Thank goodness for that new mod that LittleMsSam made that gives you the graves eh?  Oh, and Pillar was in labor.

You’re excused, Pillar.

I wish there was a mourn together option.

So sweet.  There’s too many of them now to invite Ant, Bee, and Pillar’s spouses.

So, here’s the new layout.  Uncle Brock’s descendants will be on the left since he was named after the original Brock.  Aunt Febe’s will be on the right for the same reason.  Neo’s will be in the middle.

They stood around talking for a bit.

Cricket still needed to get eaten by a cowplant but hers wasn’t fully grown yet.  That dog in the middle is the one that bred with Nogut to get that puppy.  I don’t know why it was still there but once I unpaused it disappeared.

Sorry, Cricket.

You’re still in labor???  I didn’t even realize she was home!


Blenny was sad.  She never lets anyone comfort her.

I was finally able to make the upper floor look presentable.

Just waiting for Bee to give birth.

See the tub wasn’t a total waste.

Oberon was checking out the new column while Cricket fertilized the lilies.

Holy moly!!!

This little dog was walking by their house and got spooked!

Another girl.  The dragon wrasse is one of my favorite fish.

So sweet.

Blenny was still sad but still wanted nothing to do with comforting.

Perhaps playing is a better alternative.

So sweet.

Poor dog is always asking for a walk.

She got some summer seed packets.  Yes, I know I should have gotten them earlier in the season but with everything happening, I lost track.

I had been very concerned with how she could make money and finally had the idea of using the street store.

I’d never heard of anyone using one for Drifter so I searched the Drifter forum thread and found this!  Awesome.

Look who’s all grown up.

It’s that guy I almost had her date that was evil.  (Note from the future: This is Oscar.  Make note of him because he’s a person of interest in the next house.)

Justin: Don’t mind me, dear.  Just having a soak.

There’s that guy that turned her down!  Digging her their trash!!!

She was still sad about her dad, aunt, and uncle dying.

He’s so sweet.

A little family time should cheer you up.

Or not?

There ya go!

More fertilizing.

Look!  A kitchen!

Now that there’s a division here, it’s glaringly obvious that the bathtub is in the dining room and the toddler has been sleeping in the living room.

I love Blenny’s warm weather wear.

Look it’s Ant!

Blenny’s a daddy’s girl for sure.

Ant’s wife is looking classy.  I never remember what clothing I gave them all.  She’s also now pregnant.  LOL!

Speaking of pregnant.  Yikes.

It’s Pillar and the other bartender she almost dated!

Then Bee’s husband.

A jog with the pup.

This thing looks so funny there.

More blocks.  I try to get them at least to 3 in each skill so they’ll get Happy Toddler.

At least we got the money back for the first one.

Someone called her at the same time as the thing was asking if she was working from home and it always defaults to going to work if you don’t click it.  I didn’t want to waste a vacation day since they’d be going to Granite Falls soon so I had her call in “sick.”

Over her sadness, she returned to happy Blenny.

I didn’t realize she’d get paid.


Tuckered out.

The puppy aged up!

She pretty much survives on these things at this point.

That Inquisitive trait really is great for the Thinking skill.  They barely had to help her to get to level 3.

Dragon fruit!!!!

I’ve never been so excited about a dragon fruit before!

Justin had a near miss with the lightning.

Why are you still outside?

They were all upset about the storm and yet stood in the porch area chatting.

Wrasse aged to toddler.

As did Tetra and Tang.  Sadly, weird-dog Nogut is now an elder.

And the kitten has aged up.

Why do toddlers do this?  Mom was trying to read her a story!

Put down?  Where?

I’d stopped playing this for a couple of days and for some reason I thought that it was not only Blenny’s birthday but the last day of summer.

I was all in a tizzy trying to make simoleans to get them to the camp and get whatever gear they’d need.

Those stairs look odd.

At this point she mostly just sells the frogs she’s constantly breeding.

Blenny came out to be funny.

She’s so adorable.

Jogging is faster.

I purchased a bunch of planter boxes and seed packets.

Everything that wasn’t summer/fall was moved into shelter aka the house.

Which was quite comical.

She really needed the moodlet solver that night.

He’s just so sweet!

Sorry Pillar, kinda busy.

This was just adorable.  And this was about the time I realized that it was the last day of summer not the first day of fall.  Oh well, better safe than sorry.  Plus, the birthday party took up most of the day…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The party was a blast and after setting up Blenny’s new room they were once again almost out of money so mom had to start another yard sale as everyone left.

Worth it.  I love her room.  Tomorrow it’s off to Granite Falls!


Perhaps filling the world with sims from #DrifterChallenge wasn’t the best idea.  Seems most people must give their sims the last name Drifter.

I’m wondering if this guy is stalking Cricket now.  First, he’s digging in the trash, then he knocked on the door twice during Blenny’s party.  Gus Gus told him what’s up and sent him packing.

Chapter 002.4

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