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House 002 Chapter 4


Cleaning up the house after Blenny’s all-day birthday bash.

Marcus, didn’t you just leave?

So nice of you to make everyone pancakes, Justin… not.

It’s finally the fall season, so the planter boxes that have been overrunning the house are outside now.

Yet another moodlet solver before leaving on their trip.

It was raining when they arrived and I realized that I hadn’t have Blenny choose an umbrella before they left.  Thankfully, this is the only time it rained during the trip.

Granite Falls pics…

By the end of the 3 days in Granite Falls Cricket was on the final stage of her aspiration.  I’d worried that taking Oberon would be a mistake but it worked out fine and I even realized that, when leashed, he can run around with Cricket while she collects.  Although, I forgot his bowl so he couldn’t go to the Hermit’s house.  This Hermit was weird and I wasn’t too fond of her.  I couldn’t believe it when she crawled into bed with Justin!  I know it was her house but that was just creepy!  Everyone seemed to have had a good time and it was fun taking pics.  I really need to take my families there more often.

I wouldn’t let her sleep so that she’d be able to sleep in the tent when they got home.  This was a mistake because it messed up her sleep schedule and she ended up sleeping during the day and being awake at night.

Blenny admiring her collection.

Yes, more planter boxes!  I had her plant one of each.

I almost forgot Cricket’s birthday!

Even Oberon celebrated with them.

For once I was grateful for his help.

I’ve very rarely had a child use the drawing table autonomously and was pleased since that’s her aspiration.

I spy some dragon fruit!

The garden is a mess.  I keep running out of space.  I often slip a few boxes in and out of the space behind the stairs.

Worth it… for now.  Money money money!

I planted some more dragon fruit.

And then it was Harvestfest.  It’s amazing how quickly the seasons go.

Mom making a grand breakfast.

And then the guests began to arrive.  I hope she doesn’t burn it!

Harvestfest pics…

Oberon has the “sinking” feeling he’s not going to get any food with all the other pets here.

No worries, Oberon!  More bowls were purchased.

Pillar’s husband Marcus looks so similar to cousin Ant that I at first thought she was kissing him!

Harvestfest was a blast.  I love watching all of the family together!

I hate the 5 nights in a tent part of this aspiration.

Someone wanted to be walked.

After having almost the entire first week of school off, Blenny finally went on Friday.

I’m not sure why but both Cricket and Justin have decided to start cooking gourmet foods autonomously.  Almond macaroons aren’t really the best dinner.

Pretty sunset.

I was in build-mode and had to pop out to take this pic when I saw them out of the corner of my eye.  I actually spent over an hour in build mode even exiting again so that I could sell more of Cricket’s inventory when I ran out of money.  Oddly, I didn’t take many pics so you’ll have to wait for the next chapter.

I rearranged the kitchen.

And added more counters.

I also changed the whole kitchen to the tile instead of just the back wall.

Such a good girl.  If only I could get her to play with 3 toys she could get past the 2nd part of her aspiration!

He must have been tucking her in again.

Now she’s autonomously making crafts!

I’d added a bunch of families with children to the save when I realized that there was not even one child!  Just in time for Spooky Day!

I love trick or treat but it takes too much time from my only controllable sim.

So the treat bowl was purchased.

Which is highly entertaining and thus I had to take a pic of each trick or treater.

This one was actually the next morning but I thought it fit better here.

What are you two doing out here?  I love how the family members stop to chat with Oberon.

Yes, Justin, the plants are inside… yet again.  Tomorrow is the first day of winter.  I ended up selling all of the fall only plants and most of the summer/fall plants.  I’m going to have her plant a few boxes of dragon fruit and will sell all of the herbal remedies plants once she’s maxed that skill.  I also hired a gardener since she’s maxed gardening.

I had to put the tent in their bedroom and their bed in the unfinished master bathroom.

Oberon wonders who’s this?  This, my boy, is Gideon aka Guppy.  He was an orphan that they adopted.  He was already adopted once before this but his adopted mother disappeared.  He’s a few days younger than Blenny.  Welcome to the Drifter family Guppy!


Cowplant Fun…

Chapter 002.5

Chapter notes:

Gideon aka Guppy was the adopted son in my failed Drifter I house 008.  I’d held onto him in hopes that I’d find somewhere to use him because I’d really loved him and was sad about losing him in the fail.  When I was checking all the pics for Drifter I on the archives site I was reminded that I’d never found him a new home.  And then when I realized that I really didn’t want Cricket to have another baby in this house and had the thought they could adopt a child I remembered him!  At first, I felt like the timeline would be weird since he would have been the son of Cricket’s great-great-great grandmother but seeing-as-how that was a fail and never actually happened I thought it was okay.  Plus, this is a reboot and in television and movie reboots they bring back old characters in different ways!  If you want to read about Gideon he’s in this and the next chapter… Drifter I 008.1: Gideon [FAIL].

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