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Generation 4 Chapter 12

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Household updates…

Ace and Gulliver adopted a daughter Joselyn.

And now Nico and Jia going to have a little one of their own as well.

Here’s a pic of little Joselyn.

I found that the Martians are very much cat people.  Which cracked me up thinking of the old TV show Alf where the alien is always trying to eat the family cat.

On to other aliens, I noted that all of Norma Six’s family are now elders.  I sent Ella there next and after checking saw that they all only had a few days left.  She was adopted by Duke and his wife Alexia since they never had kids.

I couldn’t resist giving Mila and Frankie a toddler son, Brian.

I split up the rest of the Munch household and gave Wolfgang and Miranda a YA makeover.

Here’s Gunther’s family.  Lucas lives with them.

I also split up Trey’s kids and gave Tania and Don makeovers.

And gave Tierra a hubby.  He’s a made-over Johnny Zest from the gallery.

Onto the chapter…

We ended the last chapter with Isabeau’s teen birthday.  Someone must have gotten impatient for cake.  Of course, I had to know who it was…

One of Ava’s husbands!

You may remember that I was annoyed that the caterer never showed up?  Well, I also couldn’t understand why Ace wasn’t there.  Where the heck was he?

They look so silly in those uniforms.

Heaven decided that it’s imperative that Brynn learns to say sorry.

Isabeau wanted to do a dance video and since she still needs that scout badge the little home gym was rearranged to make room for a television.

Gotta get that painting skill up so she can make the legacy portraits of her moms.

Brynn’s not so sure she can play with emotions with a dragon.

It was Robinson Day and one of the traditions is baking in honor of Baylee.  (I think that may be from a mod pack.)

Chefs they are not.

None of them.

The other tradition is fishing in honor of Elise but it was a thunderstorm.

While they waited for Isabeau to finish her baking, Ella read Brynn a book.

And then while the others got their needs up, Heaven helped her make some crafts for her arts and crafts badge.  That one is so hard to get.

Then, they were off to Forgotten Grotto to do some fishing.  I really need to update this park.

I stopped to snap a quick pic of Gunther Munch’s daughter Lily.

Waiting for Brynn.

She’s like c’mon what are you all waiting for?

Time to fish!

Well, Isabeau collected first for her aspiration.  She completed the crystals collection!

After they were done they visited the park for a bit.  Pet paraphernalia was added.

Isabeau baked some bread at the park too.  Look at all that work.

More dance video.

My first time completing it!

Back to painting.

And then it’s time to get focused before school while Brynn plays doctor.

After school, Brynn winds down with classical while working, yet again, on arts and crafts.

Lucas Munch came home from school with Isabeau.

And it occurred to me that they’d be really great together.

He rolled the childish trait and seeing-as-how Isabeau takes nothing seriously unless it’s fun it might be a perfect match.  Plus, he’s such a goofball.  Also, I just love Lucas.  He married one of my Drifter sims once and he’s such a great guy in CathyTea’s dogacy Puppy Love.

While they were having fun singing, Ella and Brynn were out volunteering.

Apparently, cousin Shayna had come home from school with Brynn.  Oopsie.

Wait, what?

Oh!  Why does this keep happening to me?  So weird.  I tried giving her a makeover but couldn’t click on her so it had to wait.

Look!  It’s Kellie and Marcus’s son Cashew!  The arrival of guests can only mean one thing… party time!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have I mentioned that the maid is Norma’s other mother?  She’s like WTF you took my kid from me?

They look sooo alike!

Awe, sweet.  I’m glad Kellie was able to have a life after moving out.

Someone else was eaten.

Ava’s other husband!  Both flirtation.  So funny!

Boys look out cuz Brynn Robinson’s a teen!

Ghostly Antics…

Investing from the grave and apparently, he’d expected a better return.

Poor Brynn keeps being called from her bed to ask her ghostly ancestors about their poor moods.  The best result of this is that they’re not breaking nearly as much as they used to!

Cassie snagged the violin!  Which led to her intro in Isabeau’s Karaoke Montage…


Exasperated, I put the darned horseshoe thing into family inventory.  Idiots the whole lot of them!

Why do random sims, and especially toddlers, keep appearing when my sims travel home?  As soon as I unpause they’ll disappear.

The collection room thus far.  it was pointed out to me that I have no snow globes.  I also have no posters.  I suppose I really don’t let this family out very often.  LOL!

Apparently, in Sims, as in real life, exercising to fit into bathing suits in the spring is the norm.

Ella completed her second aspiration.

This was an underwhelming announcement.

Look at all of those skill boosts!

Ella topped the journalist career!

I’d only made over Brynn’s party and everyday wear but it was a heatwave.  I sent her out to milk the cowplant.

Cracked me up!

And I’ll leave you with this.  My desktop backgrounds folder is so full post-Seasons!

Chapter 4.13

Extra: The Boys

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