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Generation 4 Chapter 13
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Ella and Heaven are a much different couple than the Robinson’s before them that’s for sure.  Gamer geeks unite?

I had her out there selling stuff but she had to go to work soon and needed to be inspired.  The gardener just worked around her.

Bad school day, Isabeau?

There.  Isn’t that better?

So cute when they sit on the swings.

Working on the last part of the aspiration when she needed to get 25 collectibles.

The next day it was Brynn who returned home from school in a terrible mood.  Unlike Isabeau, she can do things to calm her emotions.

She’d finally met some boys at school so she played some online games with them.

More painting.  Isabeau’s thing is music really but hey painting is creative as well right?

She was soon joined by Brynn.  I really didn’t expect these two to get along as well as they do.  Brynn doesn’t seem to care about all of Isabeau’s accomplishments or her distance from the rest of the family and Isabeau couldn’t care less about Brynn’s goody-goodness or how their moms pay more attention to her.  Really, I think she’s relieved that Brynn keeps their attention off of her.

This time it was ghost Trey that got eaten.  At least ghosts can’t die twice eh?

It was the spice festival and Brynn invited along their cousin Shayna, their friends Dakota and Liz, and three of the boys she’d met.

I don’t know why I always make them do the curry challenge.  It makes them all uncomfortable afterward!

I can already tell this is going to be a great night.  I’d queued her up to get to know both boys, Garrison and Kyle, but their above actions canceled it out and the “get to know” disappeared.

She was able to get to know Jacob and learned that he’s a geek and a snob.  We’ve never had a snob in the family before.

Finally, a sim needing to repair a poor relationship!  Conflict resolution is very frustrating.

I don’t think that Dakota and Liz have been teens in any of the previous chapters.

Isabeau has the Party Animal aspiration and so wandered around meeting sims she’ll likely never talk to again.

Ace was the busker!

A few of the boys that she hadn’t met yet were there as well so Brynn introduced herself.  This is Alec.  He’d aged to young adult so I had to age him back down.

And then she met Jasper.

The next day Isabeau threw a house party.

Sing it!

I couldn’t figure out why they were all up here.

Well, I can see why Liz was.

Next to Isabeau is cousin Brenton who just aged to teen.

Mila was the caterer again.  Norma aged up to teen as well.  She’s adorable.

Brynn was soon surrounded by boys.

See?  Adorable.

One of the party tasks was to flirt.  Might as well get this started eh?  This is Garrison.

What a crowd!

Pulling the prey away from the rest.

I don’t think he minds being prey.  Kissing was the next party task after flirting.  So funny!

They returned from the laundry room as if nothing had happened.  Sadly, if we want to keep all the relationships intact this will be the only time they can all be together at once.

The party must have lasted too long for Liz… or she’s lazy.

Heaven came home from work just in time to help with cleanup.

Brynn still needed that darned exercise scout badge.  I didn’t realize she’d stop eating to go up there.

I’d be angry too if I had to come here every morning to fix everything the ghosts broke… for free.

It was the flea market and I wasn’t going to take them but the lure of getting more collectibles was too strong.  Sadly, this was all there was!

Isabeau was having a fit over something or other.  Also, the girls had never selected umbrellas and so didn’t have them!

I put an umbrella stand in the karaoke place so they could grab one.  Brynn took the chance to get to know Kyle better.

And Isabeau hung out with Lucas.  He’ll age up to young adult soon.

Oops sorry, Heaven.  I really need to remember to re-lock the gate after they feed him.

Helping with homework and then praising her for doing homework in the first place.

Meanwhile, Isabeau sings some more.

Eating in front of the cowplant, Heaven?

Legacy portrait time.

Trying to get Ella to get an actual expression on her face was so frustrating.  Even putting different aura items in the room didn’t work!

They have the same pose.  Oh well, it’s done and I got another point.

Greyson had been walking by and Brynn tried to get him into the house but he said he had to go.  She went to bed and then suddenly there he is chatting with Baylee!

So, of course, she had to wake up to chat.

Yes, Greyson, she did just follow you into the bathroom to kiss you.  Although, if you’d stayed outside it wouldn’t be this awkward.

After school, he invited her on a date to Magnolia Promenade.  I was disappointed to find that this kind of date doesn’t count toward her Serial Romantic aspiration.

The second the date was over he left.

She got a little fishing for the scout badge done.  I didn’t realize how beautiful it is here.

Next, she saw Kyle in one of the stores and went to say hi.

Well, maybe more than hi.

Let’s do a proper date.  The way teens kiss is so funny.

She got a gold… right before she fell asleep.

Time to get that darned nature badge.

Jogging to clear her mind… again.  Between trying to get her emotional control up and getting the fitness badge she’s lost a lot of weight.

Meanwhile, Isabeau dances with not a care in the world.

She is surely “special.”

Once she’d mastered dancing she started teaching herself to DJ.  The only spot to put the booth was in Elise’s mad science lab.  It looks cool there though.

Did I say the DJ booth is cool?  Hot!  It’s hot!

I had no idea that this could even happen.  Thankfully Heaven was already in the backyard.  The sprinklers never went off.  Do they need an alarm in the room I wonder?

She surely has a very clear mind at this point.  She’s also managed to get all of the character traits.  As long as nothing goes wrong in the next four days she’ll be my first!

Appeasing the Gnomes…

Isabeau was able to calm them down.  The funny part about this is that begging the gnomes for forgiveness gave Brynn enough empathy to get in range for the trait!

Heaven made the grand meal.  I’d planned to have them invite people but didn’t realize how late in the day it was.

Soon, everyone was in bed and Isabeau was back to DJing.  In a few hours, it’ll be her birthday.

Ghostly Antics…

Poor Brynn was constantly being woken up to ask her ghostly ancestors about their poor moods.

For the most part, they all seem to be in much better moods nowadays.

Well, not always.

So funny!

I really don’t understand why so many people don’t like ghosts.


The female maid who was Norma’s other mother passed away.  This one is all business.

What is she wearing?!  See the knee socks?

Now that’s a beak!

Swoosh just will not stay out of the rain!  Also, that table was hit by lightning!

I hope the White household likes pets!

Chapter 5.1

Chapter notes

Sorry that this chapter is so extremely long with so many pics.  I just really didn’t want to cut it in half.  At this point, half of the boys have aged to YA and I’ve had to age them back down for now.  Also, I’ve played through the next chapter after writing this and have decided this is the final chapter of gen 4.

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