TS4→ Robinson Legacy Gen 5 Extra: The Boys

It occurred to me that I never actually gave credit to those helpful simmers that created and/or let me borrow teen boys to get Brynn through the Serial Romantic aspiration.  The problem is that the final gen 4 chapter was gigantic and the first gen 5 chapter will likely be pretty long too.  So, a little extra bonus chapter-type-thing was needed.  Here we go!  By order of upload…

EQ’s boys are back.  You might recognize Garrison as Brynn’s first kiss and boyfriend.  I believe Grayson was the second?  As to them realizing that they have the same sweetheart?  Well, for whatever reason it somehow got bugged and I got constant texts from Greyson congratulating her on Garrison being her boyfriend… even after Greyson was her boyfriend as well.  EuphorialQueen makes tons of gallery households so if you’re looking for one (or many) check her out.

Next, we have Jacob by Onyeka.  Since Brynn’s moms are both gamers, especially Heaven, he fits right in.

Meggs grabbed some boys from her The Xilla Project alien adoption save for me.  You might recognize Alec as the first to age to young adult before her.

More imports.  These are brothers borrowed from Onyeka’s Elsewhere neighborhood rotation save as well as…

These.  Since I have this weird aversion to sims being in two different story saves I decided to use all 4 boys only to get through the 10 kisses part.

And last is Kyle.  I hate to say it but I’m not exactly sure who made him.  Or why he is confused?  LOL!  I had several people on Twitter say they’d make one but this was the only that wasn’t made by a friend or SimLit creator.  If he’s yours please tell me so I can link to you!

Thank you to everyone who made the boys for me.  This was a lot of fun and thus why I rushed through it so fast.  When making the possible scenarios for Isabeau and Brynn for the heir poll after doing their trait rolls it never occurred to me that I’d be able to complete almost the whole aspiration as a teen.  Indeed if I wasn’t so focused on her character traits I could have finished it completely before her YA birthday!  I won’t say more since it would be spoiling the next chapter.

This was after she’d finished all of the aspiration except the 3 dates at the end.  I decided to add it here since I couldn’t think of a possible featured image although it took me forever to crop and stuff so it would fit.

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