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Generation 5 Chapter 1
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A/N: Normally, I don’t start the next generation chapters until after the heir ages to young adult.  But, I realized that pretty much the entire chapter was going to be Brynn anyway and I didn’t want to cut it off when she aged up.

Brynn already has a fairly high gardening skill from just selling all of the garden plants every morning.

And it was morning.  It was also Isabeau’s birthday.  Quick pic of Kellie and Marcus sweetness when they arrived.

Poor Isabeau.  Nobody was really interested in her music.

Let’s do this thing then.

She wanted to make a wish in the well.  Romance?

Umm… this isn’t very romantic.

There ya go!

Boyfriend selfie!  I love these two together.

After Lucas left Isabeau practiced DJing some more and Brynn invited over Lars for an at-home date.

Massage your date when they have barely any relationship?  Sheesh!

She managed to get somewhat of a romance going before he left but not a lot.

Spooky Day.  This costume cracks me up.

That big weed-thingy for just one plant?

Kyle was nearby so she flagged him over to “chat.”  (We were on the 10 kisses part now.)

After Kyle left she saw that Jacob was in the neighborhood as well.

Kiss #2.

And after Jacob left his brother Jasper was in the neighborhood.  I was beginning to wonder if the boys were all just roaming around her house just in case.

They didn’t know each other well so it took longer to get to the flirting.

And, kiss #3.

I found a way around the “too cold to plant” annoyance.  Put the boxes in a sheltered area, plant them, and then move them out onto the ground if they’re in season.

Isabeau bored of DJ mixing and, at a loss for what she could do, she started learning yoga.  She also spends most of her time observing the sky trying to get that final darned space print!

Heaven topped the gamer career and got this new gaming rig.  She’s also able to play this game that I’ve only ever seen in the GeekCon contest.

Mila was back to cook them up some food.

Time to secure kiss #4 from Lars.

Isabeau: She’s in there kissing and having fun and I’m meditating?

Yet another boy that was “just in the neighborhood.”  She hadn’t seen this Jacob in quite awhile.  They’re upstairs because Ella was listening to the radio while writing and everyone is obsessed with wanting to dance to it.  I ended up locking the door so only she can get in there.

And time for kiss #5.

Alec invited her out “for drinks.”  Rootbeer floats kiddos.

Annd #6!

Oh, and she’d asked them all to be her boyfriend too.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned that.  Nothing like having your uncles right there making out.  I really don’t think Brynn cares though truthfully.

Back home and she invited Dustin over.  He was very sad.  I didn’t have much hope that she’d secure his kiss tonight.

Shockingly she got #7!

Last day of school and hours before her birthday and for whatever stupid reason the school decided to call her not-so-stable older sister who’d just aged to young adult herself after Brynn was heard using forbidden words!

Thankfully, she came home tense from school which is probably why she’d used the words in the first place and was able to get her emotional control back in range by journaling and having her mom cheer her on.  Sheesh.

That taken care of, the party can now begin.

I suppose with so many boys it shouldn’t be surprising that one slipped through the cracks.  She’d somehow never romanced Daniel.  Indeed he’d even aged to young adult at some point while I wasn’t looking.  Might as well become friends while getting the “play a game with the birthday sim” task out of the way.

She’d stayed up pretty late with Dustin who is also Daniel’s brother and now she was exhausted.  Especially since it was late considering the journaling that had to be done before the party.

Heaven making a toast and congratulating her on getting all 5 of the character traits.

Isn’t she so pretty?

At this point, she was ready to pass out.  We’ll just say that Isabeau finally clued her in on the huge stash of moodlet solvers and sleep replacement potions, shall we?

Cashew cuteness.

The party was started so late that the ghosts showed up before it ended.  I really shouldn’t have let her go to school.  She did get kiss #8 from Daniel before it ended but for some reason, I never took a pic!  I don’t even have a pic of them flirting.  I blame the frustration I always have during the inevitable party lag-from-hell.

It was early morning by then and Brynn hired a masseuse for a fertility massage.  She’s always wanted kids.  Lots of kids in fact.  Which is one of the reasons she’s been so picky and indecisive about choosing a father for them.

She invited Jacob over.  He’s cute and sweet and would fit right in with the family.

And was eager enough.

I’m not sure if her face says that she enjoyed her first woohoo or not?

Either way, she was pregnant.

Jacob was a little shocked.  I don’t think she’d explained that they were trying for a baby.

But, he warmed up.

And they went for round two just for fun.  This time she had a much better reaction.

But darnit, she still hadn’t gotten those 10 kisses.  I realized that she needed to be on that part of the aspiration and the first boys hadn’t counted.  So, back to Garrison, who happened to be in the neighborhood, for #9.

Umm… bye Garrison.  Sorry dude.

Next, she invited his best friend Greyson over and he was arriving as Garrison left.  Awkward.

And finally, we have kiss #10!  Again, I have no idea why I didn’t take more pictures.  Greyson stayed a long time and ended up woohoo’ing as well.  She’s kinda unsure about Jacob now.  Greyson is a great guy as well and while Jacob would fit in perfectly, Greyson is different than the previous Robinson spouses and would be a great addition.  Who to choose???

Either way, the other boys had to be cut loose.  I tried the “just be friends” thing but it didn’t remove the boyfriend part just the romantic relationship so she had to be mean.  Sorry Garrison.

Sorry, Kyle.

Lars cried.  How heartbreaking!

And Alec was nowhere to be found until I finally saw him in the sauna.  Sorry, Alec.

Poor Brynn.  She doesn’t like being mean at all and it really upset her.

But, she can’t let it get her down.  She’s starting a new career and will hopefully be a florist someday so she has to tend to her plants… even in a blizzard while pregnant.


Brynn slept through most of Isabeau’s party.  The poor girl was an extremely busy teen.  Thank goodness for that bed.

Again, the hand massage was all messed up.

Brynn’s date with Lars was bugged it got stuck at 6/10 and the massage didn’t count.

She maxed it at her party.

Yes, another one.  I’d told Brynn to feed it and locked the gate for everyone but her but apparently, she’d never done it.

I barely did it with that stupid call to Isabeau.  So exciting though!

Yes, I am.  Although, I’m sure I’ll regret it later.

Remember how I said Daniel was a young adult?  He was also married.  Which was frustrating since I never planned to keep him or his brother in the save.

Then, I couldn’t find Daniel.  I was shocked to find him living with Vlad!

This was his wife.  I feel I did him a great service by sending him back to Elsewhere.

And then I saw Vlad’s cold weather wear and almost died laughing!

The boys that went back to Elsewhere.

I kept Greyson and Jacob in a household together and gave them young adult makeovers.  I also gave Greyson contacts.  I wanted to give Jacob different glasses but none of them really looked right.

Relationships with the guys left.

I hate the new maid.  He stays for like an hour and says his job’s done.  Well, this time, after Brynn’s party, I realized that he wasn’t cleaning at all!

Yes, yes I would.  That’s what you get for being a lazy maid!

Chapter 5.2

Chapter notes:

When I had her try for a baby with Jacob I was still in the “let’s do a mini 100 baby challenge” state of mind.  But when I realized that she only needs 3 dates to complete Serial Romantic I had instant regret.  So, I’ll likely have her date both Jacob and Greyson.  Looks like she’s taking after aunt Ava being caught between two guys.  This time I insist on a choice darnit!  Especially since she’s the heir.  Again, I apologize for this gigantic chapter.  I’ll try not to make this a habit.

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