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House 002 Chapter 5


We left off with the adoption of Gideon who will be known by his nickname Guppy from here on out.  I was happy to see Blenny welcomed him to the family.

As did the cowplant.

I think Blenny is glad to have another kid around.

Although, she’s always had Oberon for company.

So sweet.

Mom planted 8 dragon fruit.

The doctor set finally gets use.

sigh  The washer and dryer were added.  I have no idea where she got the clothing though because I’d not added any hampers yet.

Here comes the snow.

She should get the responsible trait.

Maybe emotional control but I doubt it.


Cricket needed to write a paper or something for work and I finally decided to do something with this room.  I changed the paint and flooring, put in the desk, and a very large window looking out into the backyard.

Fertilizing the money makers with growfruit.

I’ve not seen them play in the snow before.  Finally, the piles of snow have a more entertaining use than them shoveling it constantly now that I’ve put in a mod to stop them from doing it.

Still brewing herbal remedies.

What a disaster!

For whatever stupid reason she decided to get in front of him to extinguish him and instead caught on fire herself!

Guys, I almost just failed this house.  Over the stupid dryer lint.  When I have no idea where they got the clothes with no hampers in the first place.  Needless to say, the dryer is staying a charcoal brick until Cricket can get some handiness skill to upgrade it.

Kind of a late reaction there Blenny.  Her eyes though!

Our poor kids are scarred for life.


Yay!  Finally!

Justin, she’s literally right in front of you.  It’s not even snowing.  Maybe they all become snow-blind?

One thing I can say about uncontrollable sims… everything they do like this becomes a big deal.

So cute.


Nap?  Oh hell no you’re not napping!  I’m so sick of having her sleep in that tent.  That aspiration milestone is so annoying.

Seriously Justin?  There’s no snow there.

He stood there for hours on the phone while Cricket was sleeping.  So long in fact that I had to reset him because I realized his needs were terrible.  When he suddenly became good friends with Pillar I was clued in on who he was talking to.




Freaking finally!

This is the kid’s bathroom.  I don’t think I’ve taken screenshots in here yet.


Ant visited.

I cheated and controlled Blenny before she aged to teen to get a pic of the kids for the wall.

It was another blizzard and would have taken her hours to get outside.  Now that she’s maxed herbalism, I thought I’d try to get her higher up in her job and she needed logic for that.


Tetra, Tang, and Wrasse aged up to child.  I didn’t really feel up to giving them makeovers.

I think the repairman wishes he was part of this party.

Come and get it.  Tofu turkey.  Bleh, I’m vegetarian myself and even I’d never touch such a thing.

Father Winter!

Now, look closely.  See how skinny he is?

I stopped to take this pic of Pillar and Marcus…

Bam!  Fatness.

It was also Justin’s adult birthday.

He couldn’t blow out the candles the first time because the cake was being used.  Sherbert!

There we go.

After everyone left it was present time.

I wish they’d stay there while everyone opens presents.  Blenny had even gone to bed and then was pulled out of her bed when it was her turn.

And finally, the adults in the house get their own room!

Of course, they had to celebrate.  Also, see the snail on the dresser?  I’ve decided to use them in all the houses.  In house 001 there were two flanking the front door.

And the rest of the room.  Thanks for showing it off guys.  LOL!

Now that the tree is put into storage the living room got a television.


https://www.flickr.com/photos/141238675@N02/44401799435/in/photostream/ (promo)

I’d restarted the game for something or other and when I loaded the lot again Blenny and Guppy had returned home from school at 11am!

Daddy hugs.

Such a close family!

And an adored hound.

TV premier night.

Can they not see from that other couch?

Truly, this must have been a boring premier since none of them stayed seated and talked through most of it!


Really though?

Ant visited again.  Maybe he needs a break from a rambunctious toddler?

Such a good dad!


On the same day?  Awesome kiddos!

Look!  The dragon fruit finally sprouted!

Party time… again

I wonder if they’ll be identical as teens.  I’ve never had identical twins yet.

What are you girls doing in Guppy’s room?

Goby has aged to child!

So, they won’t all sit together to eat a grand meal but they will for grilled cheese?  Although, I don’t blame them… tofurky.

So pretty!

This surely is a full house during parties.

Geeze Bee.  There was cake left inside!

I think it’s so cool that Bee and Pillar’s husbands are twins.

Next day was New Years.  Poor Guppy was still sick.

Yay!  Spring tomorrow.  The house tasks are already complete now we just have to spruce it up a bit while waiting for Blenny to age to young adult.

For your entertainment…

Chapter 002.6

Chapter notes:

The fact that all of the family in other households are aging so much later than they should be is starting to annoy me.  Tetra, Tang, and Wrasse were born shortly after Blenny but have just aged to children when she’s aging to teen!  The only thing I can think of is making note of when everyone was born in relation to when the played household kids are born and tracking their birthdays on the calendar as well.  But with so much extended family it might get kinda difficult to juggle all of that.  We’ll see.

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